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About Us – Getting to Know PendulumsPlus

Welcome to PendulumsPlus. My name is Brian Asttaria, and I am a Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant and Intuitive Dowser. I have been doing healing work for over 25 years.

About Us - Brian Asttaria Creator of PendulumsPlus
Brian Asttaria from Pendulumsplus

A few years ago, I was having health issues difficult to resolve. I taught myself dowsing as a way to gain insight into my problems and with practice and perseverance overcame them.

For many, dowsing is a way to communicate directly with the Inner Self and as a tool provides opportunities for self-exploration and personal growth.

As a healer, I have seen an increasing number of people exhibiting health issues related to microwave and EMF radiation. Our environment has a powerful impact on our health, and EMF or EM pollution is an invisible element that affects the health of all biological organisms either directly or indirectly.

Dowsing is one method to determine EMF zones in the home, workplace and the environment. By mapping EMF zones we can determine the best areas that support the energetic well-being for yourself, family, pets and even plants.

This is especially important now that 5G is becoming the norm. There are few scientific tests proving that 5G technology is safe and by dowsing you can make your own determinations on its effects.

I’ve found EMFs and microwave radiation generally has a negative effect, and there are many studies linking EM pollution to a growing list of health concerns.

Studying 5G radiation, I have uncovered several alarming red flags showing that 5G radiation may be harmful and dangerous. I’ll write about this in later posts.

So this site draws together two interests of mine: Dowsing and EMF radiation. It’s not good enough to know there’s a problem, we need to know how to resolve the problem. Hence the EMF protection line of products I sell meet that criteria.

Of course there are unlimited ways to use pendulums and dowsing rods however I wanted to share tools I’ve personally work with and know from experience are respected, excellent quality and effective.

About Us – Going Beyond the 5 Senses

Often people on a path of Inner Growth learn to quiet the mind and listen to their Inner Self, that voice from within that often goes unheard.

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Connection to Self

We are more than the five physical senses and dowsing allows access to the sixth sense, intuition.

Many meditation techniques help develop this inner dialogue. Dowsing is one technique to achieve this dialogue and gain access to information obscured by “noise” interfering with this form of communication.

When I use the word “noise” I’m referring to many forms of information broadcast at us from many directions. This overload of information effectively blocks out our own internal dialogue, which may not agree with the external messages we receive daily.

A quote I like is, “those that don’t go within, always go without.”

Today, there are so many voices telling us what to think, what to do, and how to act. We are no longer living true to who we are.

Dowsing offers a quiet internal communication where we learn to hear ourselves. And at the minimum discern whether it’s in harmony with the many “truths” we are told to accept.

I offer a variety of quality dowsing tools such as pendulums and dowsing (or divining) rods for those wishing to explore and expand this knowingness that we all have.

I also sell EMF protection devices to reduce symptoms caused by microwave, EMF, and other forms of electronic smog.

So, please explore my site. I hope you like it.
Regards, Brian Asttaria
Drop me a Line: info@pendulumsplus.com