Customer reviews

Hi Brian, "My order of the two pendulums, book and pendant arrived today and my wife and I were thrilled, thank you! Premium quality, effective and fairly priced. I second that and add very good service and delivery even when I was being a nuisance and wanted to change my order. Many, many thanks."
Thanks Brian, “Your service is always excellent. The Spiral pendulum is my favourite in the entire world, but for some reason, periodically, they choose to leave me for destinations unknown. Do I ever lose any other of my pendulums, no. But hey, I’m sure it will come to me sometime why this happens.” Take care
Hi Brian, “Thank you very much for your great customer service, and I’m very happy with the Basic Teardrop and Spiral brass pendulums. I will definitely come back for more merchandise and I will recommend your store to all my friends from the dowsing society. I was looking for more books on you web page but I was unable to find any. Please send me a link or list of your books.” Sincerely,