ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate Energizes Food and Water

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate energizes food, water, and any substance containing water molecules.

Poor health & energy is often a result of dead, devitalized, microwaved, and radiated foods. The ADR Revitalizer Plate, through its patented technology, can revitalize food and water by its ability to bring organization at the atomic level.

Place any food or beverage on the ADR Revitalizer Plate for 3 minutes to vitalize.



ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate Energizes Food and Water

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate energizes food and water. This revolutionary device is used to improve health properties of drinking water and water in food and beverages. The primary function of the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate is a proper and specific alteration of energy and structural properties of water, making it healthier for living organisms.

The effect is related to a specific distribution of a permanent magnetic field produced by the ADR-4 Plate and to the internal structure of ceramics within the ADR-4 Plate that changes the electric field distribution.

ADR Revitalizer Plate for Water and Food
Place food or water on the plate to energize.

Regular consumption of water, beverages and food containing water energized by the ADR-4 Revitalizer improves all physiological processes and has positive effects on the proper functioning of the body, stamina, immune/defense systems and vitality.

Using the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate

It can energize any food or beverage containing water molecules with the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate by placing it on the top of the disc for approximately 3 minutes. The disc must lie on a flat surface with the ADR-4 inscription facing up.

You should stir water or other beverages in a container placed on top of the disc after placing it on the plate. After 3 minutes, the water molecules will be properly arranged and energized. Longer exposure (e.g. 1 or 24 hours) will not cause any further changes in energy and/or the intermolecular arrangement of water molecules.

We recommend using the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate whenever you feel weak or tired. If you feel unwell, drink at least three (3) glasses of ADR-4 energized fluid per day. It can also maintain good health through the daily intake of any food or beverage energized by the ADR-4 Plate. There is no risk of overdose. With plain water intake, we recommend using mineralized spring water if available.

Avoid Devitalized Food and Water

Microwave ovens radiate food and give off radiationOne method of devitalizing food and water is by using a microwave oven.

Microwave ovens use microwaves, a form of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. This non-ionizing radiation causes water molecules to vibrate, generating heat.

Microwave ovens produce heat by causing two opposing poles to spin rapidly. Water has two poles, causing the molecules to align themselves with the magnetic field. This radiation oscillates constantly, changing its orientation; hence, the water spins, generating heat.

David E. Hintenlang, associate professor of nuclear and radiological engineering at the University of Florida at Gainesville, adds: “Microwave ovens cook food by generating intermolecular friction between the molecules of the food. The microwaves cause water molecules to vibrate; the increased friction between the molecules results in heat. Microwaves could affect your tissue similarly if they could escape from the microwave oven. Modern microwave ovens are designed to allow essentially no leakage of microwaves. The only time for concern would be if the door is broken or damaged, in which case we should not use the oven.”

Does Microwave Cooking Devitalize Food?

When you microwave meat, for example, the radiation causes the protein molecules to vibrate faster. The microwave radiation breaks the protein chains and reacts with starches and other compounds, creating many complex organic molecules.

Foods which haven’t been processed or cooked contain life energy which comes from the sun. Biophotons are the smallest physical units of light which are stored in all life forms. They contain bio-information and are partially responsible for the feelings you get, which signify well-being and vitality. Foods like naturally grown vegetables and sun-ripened fruits are the major source for these biophotons to humans.

Microwaving food potentially destroys and depletes the life energy, rendering the food dead and lifeless. In addition, the food’s nutritional value is lost, and it becomes nearly useless in terms of providing any real health benefit.

Therefore, we recommend it’s best to consume foods in their natural states as much as possible and to cook using conventional methods at low heat settings.

Healthy Water Equals Healthy Life

Use the ADR-4 Revtalizer Plate to optimize water and food.
Good water = Good life – Bad water = Bad life – No water = No life.

Under normal conditions, water (H2O2) is not an amorphous substance (amorphous forms are, by definition, non-crystalline materials) but forms pseudo-crystalline structures whose configurations depend on the water’s history (i.e. chain of changing past conditions to which it was exposed). These changing conditions affect such parameters of water as surface tension, dielectric constant, electric conductance, NMR, ultraviolet and infrared spectra, as well as some biological properties.

Electromagnetic fields, pressure, temperature, other chemical substances, or the synchronous action of more than one of these factors can alter the structures of water. This is shown by spectroscopic analysis and by observing the effects on living organisms.

The dependence of water’s structure and biological properties on past physical and chemical conditions is termed “water memory” and is utilized in homeopathy.

Water structure altered by the aforementioned factors exerts strong influence on the regulation of metabolic and energetic processes in organisms.

There are several reasons why food and water become devitalized, poorly absorbed, or even unhealthy. Tap water when viewed under a microscope shows its molecules to be randomly scattered or disorganized.

Organized Crystalline Water Molecules

Healthy water is hexagonal in shape, like a snowflake.
A healthy water molecule is crystalline by nature.

Water found in a natural spring shows its molecules to be organized, often forming crystalline structures. This organized molecular arrangement is energetically more available to the body and leads to not only a qualitative improvement to the food or water but also to plants, animals, and humans that eat or drink it.

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate restores molecules back to their natural state. Results may vary depending on the degree how damaged the food or water is.

The idea here is simple: nutritious food and pure water lead to good health. Therefore, consuming balanced and energized food increases health levels and reduces sickness.

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate takes care of this task. Based on scientific principles, this device causes random and chaotic atoms to return to their organic structural positions. This results in water molecules recovering their natural crystalline structure (which promotes clustered water).

Many customers report that food and water placed on the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate taste better, with a noticeable improvement in flavor.

Here’s an article from Research Gate: Structured Water: An Exciting New Field in Water Science.


ADR Revitalizer Plate
Recharge water and food using the ADR Revitalizer Plate
ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate
To Revitalize food & beverages, place on plate for 2-3 minutes.


To use the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate, just place your food on it for 3 minutes. It’s as simple as that. To get maximum benefits, select top quality produce, meats, veggies, etc.

Experiment with chocolate, wine, cheese and other foods for revitalization.

Notice how the taste of wine improves when placed on the ADR Revitalizer Plate for 3 minutes.


If you like gardening and taking care of your own plants, you will find that your plants are healthier if you use energized water. Plant growth is enhanced and according to feedback from customers, the plants require less fertilizer.


You can also energize your pet’s water, snacks, and kibbles. Many pets instinctively seek out the best water and food if available. Revitalize your animal’s water and food and compare what your pet chooses as its first choice.


Not only will you gain benefits by drinking and consuming food placed on the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate, the device also exerts therapeutic effects. For example, place the disc with the ADR inscription facing the body directly over any part of your body or acupuncture point, bring relief, and promote the healing process.

NOTE: Persons having a cardiac pacemaker or other medical implant that could be affected by a magnetic field should NOT place the ADR-4 directly on the body. However, it’s safe to consume the water and food charged indirectly by the plate.

Taking Care of Your ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate is sealed and can be cleaned using running water. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

If undamaged, the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate will last years without any need for replacement.

There are untold ways to use the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate. Send us your ideas and results. We’d love to hear from you.

The creator of the ADR products is Stanislaw Adrian Wosinski M.Sc., a polish inventor.

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate is an energy stimulator patented in Poland. Pat. Pending P320179.

See the complete line of ADR Products.

Medical Research Results

Fig.1 Kidney Transport Time
Fig.1 – Kidney function improved.


Mean kidney transport time in groups of persons using an active ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate and inactive dummy (placebo). The minus sign stands for a reduction of the mean kidney transport time representing an improvement in kidney function.

ADR-4 Fig.2 Average Heart Rates
Fig.2 – Heart Rate Results


Average heart rate results measured with Sport-Tester device in volunteers who performed a 10 minute dynamic exercise (shown by the first 10 minutes of the plot) over several days. Subjects drank 400 ml (about 0.9 pint) of mineral water immediately after exercise: Group A (in Blue) drank plain mineral water (placebo). Group B (in Red) drank the same mineral water energized with the ADR-4 Plate. Results clearly show a faster decrease in heart rate for individuals who drank ADR-4 energized water.

Thermographic examination of hands
Fig.3 – Shows an improvement of peripheral circulation.


Typical results of thermographic examination showing improvement in peripheral circulation in a patient with Raynaud’s disease treated with ADR-4 energy stimulation.

A: before ADR-4 stimulation. B: the same patient after 7 days of using the ADR-4.

Fig.4 ADR-4 Energy Water Balance
Fig.4 – Chart showing balancing of the meridians using ADR-4 charged water.


Effects of ADR-4 energized water on energy balance in man measured with the RYODORAKU method.

A: Before consuming ordinary water. B: 30 minutes after ingestion of ADR-4 energized water.

Section B chows restoration of energy balance between corresponding points on meridians of the left and right side of the body, visualized by vertical bars of corresponding colors. Also seen is a change in values of energy levels at particular points toward normal level. Subsequent pairs of bars correspond to different organs of the body.

Fig.5 - Hair Analysis showing decrease in Aluminum in the body
Fig.5 – Chart showing elimination of aluminum from the body after using ADR Plate.


Results of examination of aluminum (Al) a toxic metal, contents in human hair. Analysis performed by Trace Elements, Inc. (USA) using hair analysis method.

A (in Blue): Before ADR-4 stimulation.

B (in Red): The same patients after one month of using the ADR Revitalizer Plate.

Optical microscope images of a water drop
Comparison of a water drop before and after using the ADR-4


Optical microscope images of a water drop after evaporation (magnification 1300X).

A (Blue): Ordinary water drop.

B (Red): After being charged using the ADR Revitalizer Plate.

Technical Information

ADR-4 Magnetic Field Distribution
Magnetic field distribution strength over ADR-4

The ADR-4 Energy Stimulator is a ceramic magnetic disc embedded in a special 4-inch diameter casing, which can support containers of food and beverages. The key component of the disc is an element of a special ceramics on which permanent magnets of well-defined dimensions and configuration are mounted.

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate produces specific spatial distribution of a magnetic field and it modifies the electric field distribution. We relate the latter effect to a huge low-frequency dielectric absorption apparent at room temperature.

There is a broad dielectric permittivity maximum decreasing with increasing frequency. The anomaly appears also in the imaginary part of the dielectric permittivity. We relate the dielectric anomaly to the behaviour of water confined to the porous ceramic element. The size and shape distribution of the pores in the ceramic element determines the temperature range of the dielectric anomaly.

Both the magnetic field distribution and the ability to absorb the low-frequency electric field characteristic of the ADR-4 influence the properties of water when it’s placed over the element and exposed to its action.

The ADR-4 Energy Stimulator device is patented. Patent Pending PL320179 and EP06461003.3.

Applications and Efficiency

The ADR-4 Energy Stimulator is effective in the following conditions:

  1. Dysfunction of Kidneys. Renocystographic evaluation showed statistically significant improvement of filtration, extraction, renal transport, urine outflow and diuresis in persons with renal dysfunction when using the ADR-4 device (Fig.1).
  2. Impairment of peripheral circulation in persons with Raynauds’s disease. Results verified using the thermographic method (Fig.3).
  3. Excessive physical exercise or strain faster restoration of the pre-exercise values of physiological parameters, including heart rate, and resulting rapid elimination of the feeling of tiredness (Fig.2).
  4. Restoration of energy balance in the human body. Verified with the RYODORAKU method measuring energy levels along the acupuncture channels-meridians. (Fig.4)
  5. Elimination of elevated concentration of toxic and heavy metals. (Fig.5), shows a decrease of aluminum (Al).

Certificates and Awards

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate holds the following certificates and awards:

  • The ADR-4 has the CE mark, which means it falls within the Medical Devices. Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC – Class 1 according to the European Union legal requirements.
  • Certificate of testing by the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz, Poland
  • German Certificate TUV stating that the ADR-4 can be used in contact with food products.
ADR-4 Awards
ADR Revitalizer Plate Awards.


Additional information

Weight .195 kg
Dimensions 21.2 × 15.0 × 3.0 cm


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