Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum with Chain

The natural Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum reveals a beautiful blue tint due to the presence of opal. This gemstone defines hope, youth, and optimism. Opalite symbolizes calmness, gentleness, and understanding.



Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

The Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum is natural Opalite crystal. Natural Opalite occurs in volcanoes when the volcanic ash cools down. Because most volcanoes are inactive, natural supplies of Opalite are hard to find, making natural Opalite a rare resource. Consequently, the majority of Opalite is man made.

Because Opalite is rarely found in nature, most Opalite available on the market are synthetic or man-made glass. When found in nature, this crystal contains amorphous opal that creates a translucent, bluish tint. This color, plus a clearer quartz look, is a feature only found in natural Opalite.

Natural Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum
Natural Opalite Crystal Pendulum

Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

This natural version of this crystal has a higher vibratory signature than the synthetic versions.

Opalite, among other characteristics, has the following effects on its holder:

– Improves sociability and communication
– Enhances cleansing, detoxification, and excretion
– Clears energy blockages
– Reduces depression
– Aids medication

Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum with background.
Opalite improves sociability and communication.

This is a natural crystal pendulum therefore size, weight, color hue varies.

Example sample: 4.5 cm / 17.0 gm

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Additional information

Weight .017 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 cm


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