Shungite Essentials Collection

The Shungite Essentials Collection puts together six must-have, essential shungite products for the discerning customer. Included, there’s shungite to purify water, shungite for personal protection and shungite to protect your living space.


Shungite Essentials Collection


Shungite Essentials Collection

The Shungite Essentials Collection puts together six must-have, essential shungite products for the discerning customer. Included, there’s shungite to purify water, shungite for personal protection and shungite to protect your living space.

Shungite Essentials Collection
Get all our best-selling “essential” shungite products in one convenient package.

What is Shungite?

Shungite is often called “Stone of Life” because of its healing and antibacterial properties.

Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid comprising carbon. The name was first used to describe minerals from a deposit near Shun’ga village in Karelia, Russia, where it gets its name.. Shungite is thought to be ancient, around 2 billion years old.

The mineraloid shungite is an extraordinarily positive stone, and using it may bring you a variety of positive benefits. The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is unhealthy to human life, including harmful electromagnetic frequencies, and it is said to have powerful metaphysical properties with potent healing powers.

Shungite contains fullerenes, a newly discovered form of carbon. They awarded the scientists who discovered fullerenes in a lab in the 1980s the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996.


The smallest stable fullerene is composed of 60 carbon atoms, 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, and is in the shape of a soccer ball. The name fullerene is derived from the surname of Richard Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic dome structure is a replica of the structure of fullerene C60. There are other fullerenes such as C70, C72, C76 and C84. The presence of C60 and C70 in shungite has been confirmed through lab tests.

Fullerene aka a "Buckeyball."
The unique molecular structure of a fullerene.

In 1991, the journal Science named the fullerene “molecule of the year” and stated that it was “the discovery most likely to shape the course of scientific research in the years ahead.” C60 is the most stable and most studied of all the fullerenes. Fullerenes continue to be a significant subject of research for scientists around the world, particularly in the fields of chemistry, physics and medicine.

Fullerenes are super-conductors, exhibiting wave and particle duality, aiding in cellular regeneration, neutralizing EMFs, cleansing and infusing water with a potent healing vibration shielding against EMF radiation within the field range, and promoting healthy growth, cellular metabolism and mental acuity.

Shungite Essentials Collection

The Shungite Essentials Collection comes with 6 selected shungite products to maximize the amazing benefits from this unique and rare mineral for its protective and healing properties.

Unpolished Shungite Pyramid 6 x 6 cm

Shungite Unpolished Pyramid
Place your Shungite Pyramid nearby to alter EMF radiation on the body.

Included in the Shungite Essentials Collection is the Unpolished Shungite Pyramid. The 6 x 6 cm sized pyramid creates a protective energy field with a radius of approximately 3.8 meters (12.4′), equaling an area of approximately 500 sq. ft. You can also use the Unpolished Shungite Pyramid to treat water.

Shungite is said to eliminate and absorb all that imposes a hazard to people and living beings, and to concentrate and restore all that is helpful for human beings.

The pyramid amplifies and focuses energy through its apex. The shape of the pyramid also enhances the properties of the stone it is cut from. It is well established that pyramids are strong spiritual tools and symbols throughout history.

Studies prove pyramids and their unique shape create enhanced energy fields. Karel Drbal, a Czechoslovakian engineer and pyramidologist, described the pyramid as “a kind of cosmic antenna, tuning into sources of energy of vaster intensity and focusing it into its center.”

Pyramid Notes

Those meditating with crystal pyramids have reported enhanced effects. Kirilan photography shows auras becoming brighter and larger within the individual’s etheric body. We believe that the positive energy flow of the pyramid facilitates deep focus and healing. Those who have meditated inside a pyramid reported feeling deeply relaxed, enhanced well-being, and increased levels of awareness. Others have reported being able to receive strong spiritual and psychic impressions, enhanced dreams and visions, greater intuition and increased memory recall.

Using Your Shungite Pyramid

Placing your shungite pyramid, at home or at the office, in strategic locations will not only shield you from EMFs emitted from the many electronics situated around you, but also create an environment for relaxed concentration, creativity and efficiency for anyone with the effective radius of the shungite pyramid.

Shungite in the form of a pyramid combines the many positive attributes of the stone along with “pyramid power.”

Natural Black Raw Shungite Stones: Regular & Elite

Black Shungite & Elite Shungite Stones to Make Shungite Water.
Shungite stones combo to make 32 oz. Shungite Water

Shungite placed in water enriches the water with fullerenes, a very powerful antioxidant. Fullerenes help normalize cellular metabolism, increases enzyme activity, cell stability, and promote regeneration of body tissues. Fullerenes help normalize the body’s nerve processes and have an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect.

To obtain these benefits, it’s recommended to soak shungite in water to create Shungite Water.

Shungite Water

Using the supplied 99.23 g (3.5 0z.) Black Shungite Stones and the 2 pieces of Elite Shungite Stones 14.18 g (0.5 oz.) add it to 32 oz. of your best water. Follow preparation instructions included before adding water to the shungite stones.

Once the shungite stones are prepared, drink water from the jug or bottle and top up the water as required.

You can leave the shungite stones in the bottle of water for several days or up to a week before emptying it out and starting a new batch of Shungite Water. If you dowse or muscle test, you can determine the length of time before making a new batch of water.

Energy workers suggest using both the Black Shungite Stones along with the Elite Shungite stones creates a higher energetic dynamically enhanced water than using each type of shungite separately.

It generally takes approximately 48 hours before the water is fully infused and ready for use when using both the regular and Elite shungite together.

Your stones will be good for about 5 years before needing to be replaced, as the water will lose its efficacy. Again, dowsing or muscle testing will give information that’s pertinent to each individual’s needs.

Protective Plate for Cell Phone / Electronic Equipment

Shungite Cell Phone Protective Plate
Cell Phone Protective Plate harmonizes EMFs

The Unpolished Protective Plate for a cell phone or other electronic equipment is a simple way to reduce the negative effects of EMF radiation on the body. Simply peel off the plastic to expose the adhesive. Stick it to the back of a cell phone or case, laptop, tablet, smart meter, Wi-Fi router or any other electronic device or equipment.

Studies prove shungite significantly alters the EM fields so they’re bi-compatible with living organisms.

Shungite Pendant

Shungite Pendant, Round
Shungite assists the immune system and protects against EMFs.

Shungite is fashioned into jewellery, creating an aesthetic statement. But more importantly, wearing shungite close to the body is an excellent way of protecting the body from EM pollution AND enhancing the body’s regenerative and healing response.

There are many studies showing the benefit of shungite on the human body. These include protection and shielding from geopathic influences and electromagnetic frequencies; helping to boost the immune system, stabilize blood pressure and normalize bodily processes; and to recharge and to maintain vitality in the human body.

The natural result is a greater sense of well-being and relaxation, thus activating the body’s own healing power to alleviate chronic and acute conditions.

For more information on what Shungite can do for you read Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification by Regina Martino.

Shungite Key Chain

Shungite Key Chain, Standard with Keys.
Protect yourself with the Shungite Key Ring.

Many people don’t want to wear a pendant or carry a piece of shungite in their pocket. The Shungite Key Chain is a practical alternative solution because many of us carry keys in our pocket or purse. Use the Shungite Key Chain to replace your existing key chain. Now you’re protected with the Shungite and further, when you grab your keys you’ll also have the opportunity to touch the Shungite.

The shungite works by altering negative fields of energy and converting it to harmonious, beneficial waves that have a positive influence on all life. We accumulate at the cellular level frequencies that block or interfere with our natural biology and shungite deters the harmful buildup of these frequencies.

Because we live in a world of electro-pollution and electro-smog, the Shungite Key Chain is a simple method to offset the harmful effects of EMF radiation.


Shungite Quality

Shungite Pyramid Seal of Approval

Many people claim to sell shungite but it is either low grade, meaning its power and influence is minimal as a healing / protective stone or it’s not shungite at all. Often a stone is painted or a similar looking stone is substituted. We recommend you only purchase Shungite from trusted sellers.

Our Shungite is from the Zazhoginsky Mine in Karelia, Russia. I know it for having the highest quality Shungite on earth.

Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid comprising carbon. The name was first used to describe minerals from a deposit near Shun’ga village in Karelia, Russia, where it gets its name.

Our Shungite is energetically enhanced through structuring /oiling with Moringa seed oil as applicable.

Note: Each Elite Shungite Pendant is unique and will differ from each other.


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