Pinhole Glasses for Children

The Pinhole Glasses Vision Kit for Children is to help improve vision for kids suffering from either near or farsightedness.

The Pinhole Natural Vision Kit comes with instruction and additional exercises to improve vision.

These Pinhole Glasses are recommended by teachers and educators worldwide.



Pinhole Glasses for Children Improve Vision

Pinhole Glasses Improve Vision for Children is a natural and safe solution for improving vision. Using pinhole glasses is a proven technique that can help correct or restore vision for children suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness vision problems.

Pinhole Glasses for Children Improve Vision
Pinhole Glasses for Children to improve vision.

Pinhole Glasses for Childen Improve Vision

Vision is a major link between the outside world and the brain. Much of our experience comes through the eyes, and it is an important factor in how we relate to the world around us and how we interact within it.

For children, deficiencies in eyesight can lead to behavioral changes into adulthood. I only mention this to remind kids’ parents a lot of “seeing” issues are correctable using natural methods.

Eye Conditions Chart
Variations on how light enters the eye.

Other Available Pinhole Glasses

On this site, I sell “Reader” style Pinhole Glasses for Farsightedness (hyperopia) and “Aviator” style Pinhole Glasses for Nearsightedness (myopia).

Pinhole Glasses for Children.
Improve vision naturally, with Pinhole Glasses.

The Pinhole Glasses for kids hit the middle ground and are effective for both nearsighted and farsighted conditions. Because a child’s eye muscles and lens are flexible, there’s a greater chance for them to improve their vision naturally. It’s much more difficult to reverse eyesight deviations in adults.

Adults can also use the Pinhole Glasses for Children

Using Pinhole Glasses to improve vision goes back over 2,000 years. Patanjali, an important Indian yogi, devised techniques to tone and condition the extraocular muscle over 2,000 years ago. Before that, Paulus Aegineta, a 7th-century Greek physician, used a mask with eyeholes in it that forced its user to straighten out their crossed eye.

This ancient system of improving eyesight is as true today as it was in the past.

Pinhole Glasses for Children
Pinhole Glasses for Children

The Natural Eyes Vision Training Kit is for anyone with weak vision, using corrective lenses, glasses or contact lenses, etc., and wants to improve their eyesight using natural methods.







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