Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum

The Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum is named after the famous Swiss clergyman Abbe Alexis Mermet, who popularized the science of Radiesthesia in Europe in the late 1800s.

The Mermet Brass Pendulums has a spacious Witness Chamber. Various materials placed inside the witness chamber generate unique vibrational radiations.



Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum

with Witness Chamber

The Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum is made of fine brass and inherits a good lineage based on the later work of Abbe Mermet (1866-1937). Its deep Witness Chamber is ideal for any dowsing assignment, including healing and searching tasks. Also, easy access to the Witness Chamber increases this pendulum’s usefulness and versatility.

Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber
The Mermet pendulum was designed by Abbe Mermet.

Your Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum

The Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum is a beautiful pendulum with a spacious Witness Chamber. Use the Witness Chamber to place samples in it such as herbs, personal items, gold, minerals and liquids.

The Mermet brass pendulum is relatively heavy at 55 grams, making this a good indoor and outdoor pendulum. It’s a well-behaved pendulum with a solid feel, balance and responsive action that lends confidence when dowsing.

You can use the Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum for all dowsing tasks but it especially shines in diagnostic, discovery, healing, and map or chart work.

What is a Witness Chamber?

Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum revealing open Witness Chamber.
Place herbs or other items into the Witness Chamber.

The Abbe Mermet Brass Dowsing Pendulum comes with a “Witness Chamber.” A Witness Chamber is a special hollow space drilled in some pendulums. This is accessible by removing the top. Any substance or element (the “witness”) placed inside the pendulum sets the pendulum to the sample’s vibration, thus turning the pendulum into a focussed sending or receiving device.

For example, if searching for gold, the vibration of gold is higher than man’s vibration. Therefore, with the Witness Chamber in play, the small sample of gold seeks by similar attraction to match the vibration of the larger sample of gold in the environment.

With herbs, the dowser can mentally transmit the herb’s therapeutic properties to the intended receiver, either locally or over distance.

The Power of Resonance

Some may claim it’s impossible to use a “witness” for locating items or sending healing to others using a remedy, calling it nonsense or pseudoscience at best. However, recent advances in the science of quantum physics explain how and why this is possible. The irony is dowsing itself remains out of reach for the closed-minded, despite a long history over hundreds of years that proves otherwise.

If all things are energy, with a specific frequency and vibration, then resonance is a natural phenomenon that occurs when there is a match. For example, acoustical resonance occurs when a musical note of a certain pitch is played or sung causes a violin or piano to vibrate in another room. What’s notable, using music as an example, is weak vibrations, through resonance can increase the loudness of the sound. Similarly, the pendulum can amplify through resonance the vibration of the “witness” to a matching “receiver.”

Father Abbe Mermet (1866–1937)

The Mermet Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber and the Doppelmermet pendulum is associated with Father Abbe Mermet, a Swiss clergyman. He documented and wrote his findings regarding dowsing approximately 75 years ago in a seminal book named Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia.

Abbe Mermet using a pendulum
Abbe Mermet dowsing to locate a missing person.

As a part of all the knowledge in this book, Abbe Mermet gave advice on how to use a pendulum and popularized the use of the witness chamber. He drilled a hole inside the pendulum and placed herbs in the cavity to prove that materials placed inside the pendulum emit a vibration or radiation field which increases the pendulum’s sensitivity to other emanations in the environment both locally and at a distance.

Final Comments

According to Mermet’s work, these “vibrations” are transmittable to other people. The bulk of his work, written in French, is the framework of modern day’s Europe School of Dowsing and enabled the establishment of dowsing or Radiesthesia as a respectable science.

Abbe Mermet’s research is as valid today as it was then. This is the reason the Mermet brass pendulum and the Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum are favorite selections for skilled dowsers around the world.

Size and Weight

2.6 cm / 55 gm — (1.02″ / 1.94 oz.)

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Additional information

Weight .055 kg
Dimensions 2.6 cm


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