Orgone pendulum surrounded by visualization of orgone energy.

Orgone Pendulum: Take Your Dowsing to the Next Level

Take Your Dowsing to the Next Level: Learn about the Positive Power Created by Using an Orgone Generating Pendulum.

Orgone, alternatively known as Orgonite, is believed to embody the Universal Life Force, akin to concepts like Chi, Prana, Ki, Mana, or Universal Energy. These terms represent a shared principle across different cultures — the underlying energy present in all life and forming the core component of all organic and inorganic materials on Earth. Orgone pendulums, crafted from an amalgamation of gemstone chips, metal shavings, and epoxy resin, are regarded by proponents as powerful instruments for energy transformation. According to this belief, they absorb and convert negative energy into positive energy, all the while radiating the energy aligned with a predetermined intention.

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Tell me what is Orgone?

Orgone is a term coined by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich to describe what he proposed as the “life force,” a form of energy he hypothesized permeated the universe. Reich developed his theory in the early 20th century, largely based on his interpretations of Freudian psychoanalytic theory.

Reich believed that positive orgone energy was beneficial to life and could improve a person’s overall health, mood, and vitality. On the other hand, he argued that negative orgone energy (what he called “deadly orgone” or DOR) could cause diseases and other health problems.

To harness and study this supposed energy, Reich created devices known as “orgone accumulators”. These were essentially boxes made from layers of organic and inorganic materials intended to gather and concentrate orgone energy, which people would sit inside with the belief it could improve their health and vitality.

What Effects on Health are Attributed to Positive Orgone Energy?

Orgone energy surrounds us all.

Orgone is a hypothetical form of energy and is not recognized by mainstream science. However, proponents of Wilhelm Reich’s theory of orgone energy believe it can have several positive effects on health, largely based on the idea that orgone is a type of “life energy” that promotes wellness and vitality.

According to these beliefs, positive orgone energy (also called POR, or “positive orgone radiation”) can potentially:

  1. Enhance physical and mental health: Some claim that exposure to positive orgone can improve overall well-being, increase energy levels, and enhance mental clarity.

  2. Promote better sleep: There are claims that orgone can help improve sleep quality, possibly by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

  3. Boost immunity: Some proponents believe that positive orgone energy can help strengthen the immune system and thereby increase resistance to illness.

  4. Improve mood: Positive orgone energy is also thought by some to help alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting a more positive mood and emotional state.

  5. Enhance plant growth: Some claim that positive orgone energy can even have beneficial effects on plant growth and health.

How is Orgone Generated?

According to Wilhelm Reich’s theory, orgone is a universal life force and therefore present everywhere. However, he also believed that it could be concentrated and collected using specially designed devices, the most famous of which is the orgone accumulator.

Orgone accumulators, as conceived by Reich, are made by layering organic substances(which supposedly attract and hold orgone energy) and metallic materials (which supposedly attract and then rapidly repel orgone energy). These layers are stacked alternately in order to ‘trap’ and concentrate the orgone energy inside the accumulator.

In addition to orgone accumulators, believers in orgone theory also create devices known as “orgonite”. Orgonite typically consists of a mixture of resin (organic material), metal shavings (inorganic matter), and quartz crystals. The layering of these components is thought to generate positive orgone energy, with the crystal supposedly helping to ‘cleanse’ or ‘balance’ the energy.

What is the Piezoelectric Effect and Does it Apply to Orgone Pendulums?

A piezoelectric effect is created with pressure on crystals aiding in the production of orgone. The piezoelectric effect is a physical phenomenon where certain elements, like quartz, generate an electric charge in response to mechanical stress. This effect can be observed in a variety of practical applications such as in sensors, actuators, and frequency generators.

In the case of orgonite production for orgone pendulums, the piezoelectric effect is a key consideration due to the use of quartz crystals. The theory goes like this: as the resin in the orgonite hardens, it shrinks, exerting pressure on the quartz crystal. This pressure induces the piezoelectric effect, causing the crystal to generate a small electric charge. Proponents of orgonite maintain this electric charge helps to convert negative orgone energy (DOR) into positive orgone energy (POR).

It’s important to note, however, that while the piezoelectric effect is a well-documented and scientifically recognized phenomenon, its application in the context of orgone theory and orgonite devices is not well studied. Thus, while the piezoelectric effect may occur in the production of orgonite, its purported role in “transmuting” orgone energy is not conclusive. After all, science does not find that the soul or God exists because scientists cannot currently measure or detect it with current instruments.

What is Negative Orgone, or Deadly Orgone?

In Wilhelm Reich’s orgone theory, “Deadly Orgone Energy” (DOR) is a harmful form of orgone that is thought to cause disease and environmental damage.

DOR is thought to arise from a breakdown of orgone energy in an environment that is severely out of balance, such as in areas with heavy air or water pollution, or in the presence of certain types of radiation. Reich himself linked DOR with nuclear radiation and even suggested that DOR was responsible for desertification and drought in certain areas.

What Effects can the Exposure to DOR have on Health and Well-Being?

Followers of orgone theory claim that exposure to DOR can have several negative effects on health and well-being. These might include:

  • Physical illness: DOR is thought to weaken the immune system and cause various physical illnesses. Some believe it can cause everything from minor ailments like colds to more serious conditions, potentially even including cancer.

  • Mental and emotional disturbances: Proponents believe that DOR can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and general malaise. Some even suggest it can cause more severe psychological disorders.

  • Environmental harm: DOR is believed to have harmful effects on the environment, potentially causing plant life to wither, negatively impacting animal behavior, or causing general ecological imbalance.

How is an Orgone Pendulum Different from a Regular Pendulum?

Orgone PendulumThe idea of orgone energy is not supported by mainstream science, so any claims made about its effects should be taken with caution. However, proponents of orgone theory assert that devices like orgonite pendulums can be used to detect or manipulate orgone energy in the environment or within individuals.

An orgonite pendulum might be said to act differently than a regular pendulum in the following ways:

  1. Energy detection and balancing: Advocates believe that an orgonite pendulum, due to its ability to interact with orgone energy, can be used to identify areas or individuals with imbalances of positive and negative orgone energy. It’s suggested that this could be used for personal healing, or to improve the energy of a specific location.

  2. Enhanced dowsing: Dowsing is a practice that typically involves using a pendulum or similar tool to locate water, minerals, or other hidden objects. Some proponents of orgone theory believe that an orgonite pendulum would be more effective at dowsing than a regular pendulum, due to its supposed interaction with life energy.

What are Some Potential Benefits of Using an Orgone Pendulum?

Some of the potential benefits are similar to the benefits attributed to positive orgone energy more broadly:

  1. Improved physical and mental health: Some suggest that using an orgonite pendulum for personal healing could improve overall well-being, energy levels, or mental clarity.

  2. Better sleep and mood: Proponents may argue that balancing one’s orgone energy with an orgonite pendulum could lead to improved sleep and mood.

  3. Increased spiritual awareness: Some users believe that using orgonite pendulums can enhance intuition, psychic abilities, or spiritual awareness.

Why an Orgone Pendulum will Take Your Dowsing to the Next Level

  • Ease of Use: Orgone pendulums are simple to handle, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. They do not require any special skills or extensive training to use, making them a very accessible tool.

  • Amplification of Skills: Those who subscribe to the concept of orgone energy believe that an orgone pendulum can help to intensify one’s innate dowsing abilities. The purported presence of orgone energy within the pendulum may aid in strengthening the user’s connection to the subtle energies they’re trying to detect, thereby improving their dowsing accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Sensitivity to Subtle Energies: Orgone pendulums are believed to be particularly attuned to the subtle energies present in the environment. This enhanced sensitivity could potentially make them more responsive during a dowsing session, allowing for more precise and detailed results.

  • Potential Energy Balancing: The supposed ability of orgone pendulums to transform negative energies into positive ones is another perceived benefit that could further enhance your dowsing experience. This transformation process might help to create a more harmonious and balanced energy environment, which could theoretically lead to clearer and more accurate dowsing outcomes.

  • Unique Material Composition: The distinctive composition of orgone pendulums – typically a mix of metals, crystals, and resin – is thought to give these tools a unique vibrational quality that can enhance their dowsing capabilities.


Orgone Chakra Layered Crystal Pendulum
Orgone Chakra Layered Crystal Pendulum
Orgone Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum
Orgone Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum

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