Use a pendulum to determine the gender of unborn child

Predict the Gender of an Unborn Baby Using a Pendulum

Predict the Gender of an Unborn Baby Using a Pendulum

Pregnant mothers and their husbands often want to know the gender of the unborn baby. Is it a boy or is it a girl? Whatever their reason for wanting to know, there are several methods used to predict the gender of an unborn baby. Modern science has taken the front seat but many of the traditional, folklore methods were the norm of the past and are still used today. In this article I’ll discuss how to predict the gender of an unborn baby using a pendulum.

Generally, there are two categories predicting the gender of an unborn baby falls into.

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Medical Practices

Ultrasound: From the Pregnant woman undergoing an ultasound.1970s onward, ultrasounds have been the standard non-invasive way to determine the sex of a baby. Usually, at the mid-pregnancy anatomy scan (around 18-22 weeks), the technician can look for distinctive genitalia such as a penis or vulva.

Amniocentesis: This is a medical procedure usually done when there’s a need to diagnose chromosomal or genetic disorders. It also reveals the baby’s sex and is typically performed between the 15th and 20th weeks of pregnancy.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS): Similar to amniocentesis, CVS is a test for identifying chromosome abnormalities and other inherited disorders, which can be performed between the 10th and 13th weeks of pregnancy. It also can reveal the baby’s gender.

Blood Tests: There are non-invasive prenatal blood tests that can determine sex by detecting the presence or absence of a Y chromosome. These tests can be done as early as 7 weeks into the pregnancy.


Folk Traditions and Myths

Carrying High or Low: It was commonly believed that if a woman carries the baby high, it’s a girl, and if she carries low, it’s a boy.

Pregnant woman with morning sicknessMorning Sickness: The severity of morning sickness was sometimes said to be a clue: a more severe case was thought to indicate a girl.

Cravings: Some cultures believed that craving sweets meant a woman was carrying a girl, while craving savory or salty foods indicated a boy.

Heart Rate: The baby’s heart rate has also been subject to myths, with the claim that a faster heart rate (>140 beats per minute) suggests a girl, while a slower one suggests a boy.

Chinese Gender Chart: This is an ancient chart that supposedly predicts the baby’s sex based on the mother’s lunar age and the lunar month of conception.

Wedding Ring Test: This test involves dangling the mother’s wedding ring over her belly on a string; the direction it swings (back and forth or in a circle) is supposed to indicate the baby’s sex. This is similar to using a pendulum, which I’ll elaborate on in further depth below.

Shape and Fullness of the Face: Some people believed that a rounder, fuller face indicated a girl, while a leaner face suggested a boy.

Using a Pendulum to Predict the Gender

For centuries expectant mothers have turned to pendulums as a means to predict their child’s gender. Today this practice remains popular among women from all walks of life.

The pendulum method to predict the gender of an unborn child is a type of dowsing. Scientists  consider this  to be a form of divination and unscientific. Be that as it may, it has been used for centuries with accurate results. If you’re confident in your dowsing abilities then dowsing to predict the gender of an unborn child is a fun and pleasurable way to prove your dowsing abilities. But still, you may want to retest over several days to ensure you’re getting the same answer.

Pendulum Test Procedure

  1. Find a Pendulum: You can use any pendulum to predict gender. Brass, wood or crystal will do for this dowsing task.Predict the gender of an unborn baby using a pendulum,

  2. Positioning the Pendulum: There are two ways you can use your pendulum to predict gender: You can hover the pendulum an inch or so over the pregnant belly. There is no need to have a programmed pendulum. Wait until the pendulum begins to move. If the pendulum swings back and forth or in a straight line, folklore suggests a boy. And if it moves in a circular direction it indicates a girl.

Alternatively, you can ask the question,  “Is _____’s unborn child a boy?” Note the pendulum’s programmed response. Then to verify your accuracy, ask, “Is _____’s unborn child a girl?” The pendulum should move in a different direction. Of course, if you get an answer ‘yes’ for both questions, you’re either incorrect or she’s having twins.

If you’ve used the “inquiry” method and just asked the question, then use the programmed responses to which you’ve trained your pendulum to respond with “yes” or “no” As long as you know the programmed responses of your pendulum there shouldn’t be any problems.

With the “inquiry” method you could ask further questions.

Caveats and Considerations

Ask Permission: It’s always good form to ask permission when dowsing another person’s energy field. The person may not want to know the sex of their child before birth or have other reasons they want to keep private. Therefore obtain permission before going further.

Consistency: Some will suggest that for a more “accurate” reading, the test should be performed multiple times to confirm if the result is consistent. This can be done a few days later.

Cultural Differences: The interpretation of the pendulum’s movement may vary across different cultures and traditions.

While it can be a fun and intriguing tradition for some expectant parents, it’s important to recognize that the pendulum method is not a substitute for medical tests which have a greater degree of reliability. However, medical tests are not always right and neither are people. But an experienced dowser will have a higher degree of accuracy without the possible dangers of medical intervention techniques. In today’s world an expectant mother can make use of traditional and modern techniques.

Suggested Pendulums to Use for Predicting Gender

Of course, any pendulum can be used to predict gender in this dowsing task, but here are a couple of suggestions.

Conical Beech Wood and Isis Wood Pendulums

Wood pendulums are a good choice because they’re neutral to ambient energy fields in the environment. The Conical Beech Wood or the Isis Wood pendulums are a good pick.

Mer-Isis, Teardrop and Triangle Pendulums.

In the brass pendulum category any pendulum will perform and give reliable readings. But I like the Mer-Isis or either the Tear Drop or Triangle brass pendulums if you want to keep it simple. The Mer-Isis is a healing pendulum and can be used to transmit healing energies.

Amethyst, 3-Crystal Orgone and Rose Quartz Pendulums.

Crystal pendulums are light and carry their own energy signature. The Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz will work fine. Another good choice are the Orgone pendulums. The Orgone pendulum shown here is the Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Clear Quartz Orgone pendulum..

Head over to PendulumsPlus for our complete selection of pendulums.

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