A woman testing supplements using a pendulum.

How to Test Vitamins Using a Pendulum

Test Vitamins?

The realm of holistic health and wellness has seen its fair share of unique methods over time. One such method that has gained attention is using a pendulum to test vitamins.

This concept revolves around the belief that this simple tool – often used in dowsing practices – can help determine which vitamins, herbs and other nutritional remedies are best suited for an individual’s body based on their subtle energy fields. The idea behind it is that by tapping into these fields, people can select supplements that resonate positively with their personal health needs.

While there is no scientific validation supporting this approach yet, many continue to find value in exploring alternative ways of enhancing their overall well-being through unconventional means like this one.

In this blog post, we delve deeper into how one would use a pendulum to test vitamins; tracing back its roots within energy work while also shedding light onto why some may consider this method worthwhile despite lacking scientific backing.

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Why Would a Person want to Test Vitamins?

How to test vitamins using a pendulum.Several reasons exist for why individuals may opt to test vitamins by dowsing despite the absence of scientific validation.

Holistic health enthusiasts who prioritize alternative therapies and natural remedies often subscribe to the idea that our physical bodies are interconnected with energy fields. Testing vitamins resonates deeply with this philosophy by providing a methodology that feels more in sync with their personal belief system. This approach allows individuals to take control of their wellness journey while staying true to what they believe works best for them.

For some people, testing vitamins by dowsing offers a way to receive tailored advice on which vitamins would be most beneficial for their specific body and health needs.

This personalized approach to test vitamins, is particularly appealing when compared with conventional methods that fail to take into account individual differences. By using this technique, individuals can gain insight into what works best for them personally, rather than relying solely on general recommendations from others. With the help of dowsing many are finding greater success in achieving optimal wellness through targeted nutrition.

For those interested in exploring the realm of intuition and energy work, dowsing can be an excellent tool. By using a pendulum, individuals can gain insight into their own intuitive responses while also tapping into their body’s energetic fields. This practice has been shown to deepen one’s understanding of these concepts over time with regular use. If you’re curious about this approach, consider giving it a try!

Some individuals turn to dowsing and other alternative practices because of their dissatisfaction with conventional medicine. This may stem from feeling neglected by traditional treatments or experiencing negative side effects. The search for better options leads them down this path towards holistic healing methods that offer more personalized care.

For some individuals, the use of a pendulum to test vitamins is fueled by curiosity and an eagerness for experimentation. It presents them with an opportunity to explore new spiritual perspectives on their health and well-being. This approach offers something fresh beyond traditional methods that may have become routine or uninspiring over time. By embracing this practice, one can discover innovative ways to enhance physical vitality while also nurturing emotional balance and mental clarity.

Community and Cultural Influences: Some communities or cultures may have a higher acceptance of practices like dowsing, which can lead individuals to adopt similar methods. This phenomenon is worth considering when examining the prevalence of such practices in certain areas.

Dowsing vitamins is an intuitive way to get more information.Using a pendulum to test vitamins is often used as a complementary approach alongside conventional treatments by individuals who believe that it adds an extra layer of personalization and control over their health choices.

This belief has led many people to incorporate this practice into their overall wellness regimen for optimal results. By combining both approaches, one can achieve greater success in managing their physical or mental state effectively.

The ability to test vitamins using a pendulum provides additional insights beyond what traditional medicine offers; users are empowered with more information about themselves, which allows them to make informed decisions regarding treatment options available. Ultimately, the combination provides a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of one’s being – mind, body and spirit!

While pendulum dowsing to test vitamins may not have scientific backing it remains popular among individuals who value personal belief systems and seek individualized health solutions.

This approach also appeals to those interested in exploring alternative aspects of wellness beyond what is tangible or measurable by conventional means alone. However, its crucial that such practices are never used as a substitute for professional medical advice when dealing with serious illnesses or conditions requiring immediate attention from qualified professionals instead.


Test if the Vitamin Gives Off Good Energy

When dowsing to test vitamins, the first thing to do is to determine whether the item as a whole gives off good energy. If it doesn’t, it’s unlikely it will provide a benefit. This is important to know before testing if the supplement is good for you to take. These two tests sound the same, but there are subtle differences. Especially if you’re dowsing on behalf of someone else.

Vitamin giving off good energy.For example, when it comes to testing Vitamin C products, there are several factors that come into play. Not all vitamin C products will test the same strength energetically or test positive. There are also different forms of vitamin C products: pure ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, mineral ascorbate, liposomal C, etc.

Additionally, where does the vitamin C originate from? Was it made in the USA, China, or Scotland? What fillers and additives were used during production? These aggregate variables greatly impact how well a given product radiates a positive or negative energetic signature and how well the product will ultimately interact with an individual on both the subtle and physical bodies.

The body’s cells are intelligent and they know what they need for the welfare of the body. And when an item resonates with the body, the cells will take up the substance with little resistance.


Take Your Pendulum to the Store

Man dowsing vitamins in vitamin store.Vitamin stores carry several lines and brands of vitamins, therefore to get a better overview of testing vitamins, it’s worth considering taking your pendulum along with you on a shopping trip.

By dowsing several brands, you can quickly identify which one’s meet your expectations and which one’s fail. You’ll note which vitamins test positive and their comparable strengths in contrast to others that test negatively. Why is this? The answer lies in differences between manufacturing processes or ingredient quality control measures among various companies producing these products.

Developing your dowsing skill is essential to ensuring that you can make informed decisions when purchasing vitamins. Without this intuitive insight, it becomes difficult to determine which product among many will be most effective for your needs.

The decision to select a multi-vitamin, for example, is more complex. With many ingredients, a multi-vitamin may not test positive in some cases because one specific component disrupts the balance of other components within that formula, resulting in an overall negative test result. When encountering this problem, you could check each individual ingredient to find out which one’s are the culprit but practically, it would be simpler to choose another brand altogether.

Keep in mind that many products come from the same supplier but are marketed under different names. After identifying a positive testing vitamin, you will want to dowse whether or not it is beneficial for your health. Even though a product tests positive doesn’t mean you test for it. Remember, what tests positive for one may test negative for another. That’s why I like to find the positive products first, then test more specifically for myself or someone else.


Asking Specific Questions

To get accurate information while dowsing, it’s best to be as specific as possible. Vague questions will give you vague and ambiguous answers. 

Person massaging leg, at bedtime, because he has leg cramps.For example, you’re suffering from leg cramps at night. There may be several reasons for this but you dowsed that you have a magnesium deficiency. But there are several types of magnesium sold on the market: Magnesium oxide, citrate, bisglycinate or would mag-phos the cell salt be the correct form?

Once you’ve determined the form, we have to test the brands and see what tests positive.

The question could be, “Will this brand’s magnesium stop my leg cramps? If affirmative, you can follow up with more inquiries. “How many milligrams per day?” How many times a day…once, twice, or three times?

If three times a day is not convenient, “Can it be taken twice a day?” Does the dosage change? Will it take longer before you get results? You will notice this inner dialogue with your pendulum is giving more information.

What you ultimately decide is up to you, but at least you have enough information to know what steps are needed to get the best results.


Note Taking

A woman taking notes while she is dowsing.As pointed out earlier, testing vitamins can be simple or complex depending how deep you go, uncovering new layers of information. If you’re asking many questions, I recommend using a pen and paper or keep a journal. This way, you can record the questions and the response you’ve obtained. Also, you can review your dowsing session or even re-dowse certain questions or look for more clarity on answers.

I write with my left hand and dowse with my right simultaneously. I write down questions, record responses and make further notes as inspired. This approach allows for an organic flow of conversation to develop that leads to reliable and credible information.

Further, you may not want to dowse in front of others in a busy store. The more preparation work you do beforehand, the easier your dowsing experience will be on site. Take your recorded notes with you and use as reference and a reminder.

The other advantage of note taking is that some of the answers may be time sensitive. If you were to dowse some of the same questions a week later, you may find that you get different answers. This way you can update the dowsing session.


Using Your Pendulum to Test Vitamins

Vitamin Bottle with Abbe Mermet Pendulum.For this article I’ve given suggestions on how to test vitamins. Many of you who are reading this blog have a proficiency in dowsing. You may already have your own system in how you communicate with your pendulum.

I’m not going to say you should dowse this way or use a specific method. In fact, I encourage developing your own techniques. I’ve seen lots of different dowsing techniques and don’t necessarily subscribe to saying one method is better than someone else’s.

What I’m more attached to is the accuracy of the information obtained while dowsing. After all, that what’s important here, not how one gets it. I’ve always said that I’m learning how NOT to dowse and get the information from within without needing an external tool. But until I’m capable of doing that, I enjoy dowsing.

In another blog post titled Dowse the Vitality of Foods Using a Pendulum, I give some instructions on how (I) use a pendulum and it will work for testing vitamins, too.

Final Comments: What I like about dowsing to test vitamins is that you can often access information that is hidden. I don’t have a science degree or a lab, but dowsing often gives insight directly.

For example, your testing of vitamins will indicate not all products are the same despite appearing equal on the label. The ingredient may appear the same on different brand labels, but energetically they won’t all test the same. Only dowsing can reveal these subtle differences. And anyone can do it.


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