Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum has a enclosed secondary functional pendulum and a deep Witness Chamber. These extra features extend this pendulum’s range of function making it an excellent tool for any dowsing assignment including map work, charts, body work, healing and “discovery” tasks.




Hermetic Brass Pendulum

Includes Second Pendulum & Witness Chamber

The Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum is an unique pendulum because when you unscrew the cap, a second small inner pendulum with a deep Witness Chamber is revealed. The bonus auxiliary pendulum along with the practical Witness Chamber extends the versatility of this dowsing tool.

Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum with Witness Chamber and Secondary Inner Pendulum.
The Hermetic pendulum has a second hidden pendulum and deep Witness Chamber.

Your Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum is an excellent “discovery” pendulum. Not only that, it’s more than competent for map dowsing, chart work, bodywork and healing dowsing tasks.

The Hermetic brass Dowsing Pendulum weighs in at a moderate weight of 44 grams, providing confident feedback and signals. Further, because of the extra useable inner pendulum and deep Witness Chamber, this pendulum extends its usefulness beyond the capabilities of other pendulums.

This is a versatile pendulum capable of any dowsing task either indoors or outdoors.



Why a Second Pendulum?

The Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum has a feature not found on other pendulums. A second functioning small pendulum is visible once you remove the cap from the pendulum’s body.

You may ask yourself, why do I need a second pendulum? There is a practical reason for this, and anyone familiar with using a Witness Chamber will understand its purpose.

Benefit of Using the Alternate Pendulum

When you use the Witness Chamber, it’s filled with a sample or “witness.” You may have placed gold dust, or an herb in the Witness Chamber. This ties the pendulum to the vibration of the gold or herb in question. However, if you want to stop and ask other questions, empty the Witness Chamber and clear the pendulum, resetting it to neutral so-to-speak so it doesn’t contaminate new questions or searches. This process is inconvenient and time-consuming. Therefore, removing the cap and using the secondary pendulum is a practical solution. You can ask whatever questions you want and when done, screw the cap back on and resume dowsing as per the original dowsing assignment.

Furthermore, the small pendulum is ideal for map work and charts. Often it’s hard to read lines and graduations on paper with a large pendulum, and the small pendulum is perfect for getting in close for fine detail work.

What is a Witness Chamber?

Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum with hidden inner pendulum and Witness Chamber revealed
Hermetic Brass Pendulum revealing hidden pendulum and Witness Chamber

The Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum comes with a “Witness Chamber.” A Witness Chamber is a special hollow space drilled in some pendulums. This is accessible by removing the top. Any substance or element (the “witness”) placed inside the pendulum is to tune and amplify the sample’s vibration, turning the pendulum into a focussed sending or receiving device.

For example, if searching for gold, the vibration of gold is higher than man’s vibration. Therefore, with the Witness Chamber in play, the small sample of gold seeks by similar attraction to match the vibration of the larger sample of gold in the environment.

With herbs, the dowser can mentally transmit the herb frequency to an intended receiver, either locally or over distance. When a person is ill, there is a deficiency. You could say that the herb plays the role of providing for that deficiency. This is the premise of Biochemistry and the use of cell salts. The pendulum responds because there is a match between the sending herb and the recipient.

The Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum Merits Consideration

Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum revealing inner pendulum.
Use the small inner pendulum for detailed map and chart work.

Firstly, the use of the Witness Chamber extends the pendulum’s use and allows for specific dowsing operations that an ordinary pendulum cannot perform. Using a Witness Chamber can mean the difference of achieving a successful breakthrough. Secondly, the bonus of a second pendulum extends this pendulum’s usefulness.

If you’re a serious dowser looking for a quality, multi-faceted, precision performing dowsing tool, then the Hermetic Brass Dowsing Pendulum is worth serious consideration.

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Size and Weight

4.4 cm / 42.0 – 44.0 gm – (1.73″ / 1.48 – 1.55 oz.)

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Additional information

Weight .044 kg
Dimensions 4.4 cm


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