Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum is an all-purpose pendulum with a brass cap and tip with a hollow, transparent body which acts as a Witness Chamber. This simple but elegant pendulum is lightweight and easy to use.



Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum

with Witness Chamber

The Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum is a useful and convenient pendulum that performs well in all dowsing tasks. This pendulum has a brass removable cap with a pointed brass tip and a transparent plexiglass body housing a generous Witness Chamber. The Witness Chamber allows the dowser to place small samples within the body’s cavity to enhance the pendulum’s usefulness.

Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum with Witness Chamber
The transparent body allows the dowser to view the enclosed witness.

Your Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum is an all-purpose dowsing tool. Elegant in design with an attractive transparent Witness Chamber, you can use this pendulum for most dowsing assignments. The Witness Chamber extends the number of dowsing tasks you can perform thereby increasing this pendulum’s usefulness.

This is a lightweight pendulum at 10 grams, making it effortless and easy to use.

Witness Chamber

The Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum comes with a deep Witness Chamber. Some pendulum designs include a hollow cavity where any substance, referred to as the “witness,” is placed within. To access it, remove the top, insert the witness or sample, and replace the top.

The purpose of adding a “witness” is to amplify and help tune the pendulum so that it vibrates at a specific frequency. In this way you can send or transmit “information” to meet the purpose of the dowsing task at hand.

Using the Pendulum to Search

If you’re searching for a specific item, place a sample of the item into the Witness Chamber. Reseal the cap and dowse holding the image of what you’re searching for clearly in your mind. Ask your questions and be as specific as possible. You may find taking notes is also helpful.

On the other hand, if you’re performing healing work, determine the type of remedy needed and then add a sample to the Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum. Using mental intent project the remedy to the receiver either locally or at a distance.

If you’re searching for gold, place a small sample within the open cavity of the pendulum. The gold vibration is higher than man’s so by the law of attraction the small quantum sample seeks out the larger gold in the environment.

Witness Chambers Allow for Specialization

Searcher Hybrid Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber
Searcher Hybrid Brass Pendulum with Cap Removed.

Using the Witness Chamber increases a dowser’s options because you can specialize and dovetail the pendulum to meet particular dowsing tasks. Not only does the sample in the Witness Chamber help transform the pendulum, but it also helps the dowser increase her/her role as a “receiver” and “sender” of information.

Witness Chambers are useful additions, allowing breakthroughs when dowsing tasks are difficult or for specific dowsing assignments.

The large Witness Chamber of the Searcher Brass Dowsing Pendulum increases its usefulness by allowing the dowser to add a “witness” to its large hollow cavity and fine-tuning the pendulum’s sensitivity to specific inquiries.


Size and Weight

3.8 cm / 10.0 gm – (1.5″ / 0.35 oz)

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Additional information

Weight .010 kg
Dimensions 3.8 cm


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