L-Rod Dowsing Rod

This 36 cm long L-Rod Dowsing Rod has an outstanding balance and an angle wire ratio of 3:1 that provides smooth control and satisfying mobility. This L-Rod Dowsing Rod set comes with removable Witness Chamber tips.



L-Rod Dowsing Rod (Spanish Resonator)

The L-Rod Dowsing Rod is one of the most familiar dowsing or divining rods. They come in different sizes are and made from a wide variety of materials, like wood, copper, or brass. These L-rods Dowsing Rods are made with the lead end longer than the handle at a ratio of 3:1, which provides remarkable balance and control.

L-Rod Dowsing Rod (Spanish Resonator)
The L-Rod is one of the most recognizable dowsing rods

L-Rod Dowsing Rod

Used either singularly or as a pair, the L-rods are traditionally used for discovery and measurement: Dowsers use L-rods for searching for water, (sometimes called water-witching or water divining), prospecting for minerals such as gold and precious stones, and even oil exploration.

The military often uses L-Rods to search out and detect buried landmines.

Your L-Rod

L-rods are essential when searching for EMFs, geopathic stress lines, and negative energy radiation grid lines. (To measure Hartmann Radiation, Grid lines and Curry Lines, which are vertical radiation lines, I recommend using the Cosmos or Swiss dowsing rod).

The L-Rod family is excellent for marking out energy lines and defining their direction, thickness, and strengths. You can also use L-Rods to search for lost items and measuring auras or bio-fields.

Practice Improves Results

The Spanish Resonator L-rod is not overly difficult to master but requires some practice so that consistent results are obtained. To use them, hold one or two of the L-rods in your hands with a relaxed grip, making sure not to inhibit the free turning of the rod in the handle. You get better results with both arms extended and out front. Bend the arms at 90 degrees and point the rods slightly downward and parallel to the ground.

The Purpose of the Witness Chamber

The L-Rod Dowsing Rod comes with hollow removable tips affixed to the end of the rods. This is an added feature to improve the chances of locating gold, oil, minerals or other substances, making it ideal for treasure hunting or searching and seeking dowsing assignments.

L-Rod with Witness Chamber Tips Removed
L-Rod with Witness Chamber Tips Removed

Searching for Gold Using the Witness Chamber

For Example, if you’re searching for gold, a small sample of gold is placed into the hollow tips or Witness Chamber. Because gold has a higher frequency than the human body, the embedded gold sample synchronizes the body to match the goldGold Nugget frequency you’re seeking. As a result, it pulls the dowsing rod in the direction where there is a stronger source of gold frequency vibration.

Unlike metal detectors or scanners, you cannot start searching for buried items under the ground whenever you want. You have to analyze your surrounding environment, particularly the atmosphere, to confirm whether it’s ionized. After a rainfall or lightning strike are examples when the atmosphere is ionized. Under these conditions, avoid dowsing because these ionized states create too much interference.

Weather Conditions Play a Role

Weather affects dowsing sessions.
Dowse when the weather conditions are favorable.

We must also take the moisture of the ground into consideration because it shouldn’t be too wet or too dry. Therefore dowsing for gold after a rainfall, or when the ground is too wet or on an extremely sunny day decrease the chances of locating gold.

The perfect time to dowse is when no rainfall took place and during noon.

Using the L-Rod Dowsing Rod

When using your L-Rod Dowsing Rod, do not wear gloves. Hold the rods with your bare hands so the frequency vibrations between the body and your target can establish a connection.

Hand Grip for L-Rod Dowsing Rod
Proper hand grip when using the L-Rod.

Hold the rods firmly yet with a relaxed grip so the rods can swing freely.

Hold the L-Rod with your arms close to the body and the arms bent to a 90 degrees angle. Ensure that you’re feeling relaxed when in this position.

If there is gold in the area you’re searching, the rods will pull or point in the direction the gold is located. Follow the direction until you come across the spot where the dowsing rods cross each other, forming an ‘X’. When your L-rods cross, this shows your digging spot.

Size & Weight of the L-Rod

36 cm / 100 gm – (14.17″ / 3.53 oz.)

Other Dowsing Tools with Witness Chambers

Other available dowsing rods.

Please Note: I sell devices to counteract, neutralize, and/or eliminate EMF and Geopathic influences and zones. See the ADR EMF line of products available on this site. 

Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 36 cm


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