C-Rod Brass Dowsing Rod

The C-Rod Brass Dowsing Rod or “Diagnostic” dowsing / divining rod is small, about the size of your hand, and can fit into a pocket. Due to its size, this rod is discreet whether working from a distance, or up close and personal for working with clients.

The C-Rod is an excellent “energy” tool for measuring energy fields, auras, etc.


C-Rod Brass Dowsing Rod


C-Rod Brass Dowsing Rod

The mini C-Rod Brass Dowsing Rod is small, compact and lightweight. Called the “Diagnostic” this rod easily fits into a pocket and its small size makes it discreet for up and personal work.

C-Rod Brass Dowsing Rod

This rod is made of brass and swivels from the inner sleeve on the horizontal axis and is especially useful for measuring the boundaries of energy fields.

C-Rod 11 cm
The mini C-Rod is used with one hand.

Your “Diagnostic” Brass Dowsing Rod

This small, versatile dowsing rod is a convenient tool to have on hand. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket or left on a table or desk, taking up little space.

You can use this rod sitting or standing. Often I’ve had clients sitting where I measure their auras or bio-fields. You can also use it to ask questions. Due to its light weight and small size, it’s easy to hold in one hand and take notes with the other.

Because of its small size, it is ideal for close interactions with clients.

I typically hold the C-Rod between the thumb and index finger and or middle finger.


Size and Weight

13 gm / 11 cm – (0.46 oz. / 4.33″)

For experienced dowsers, the Verne L. Cameron Aurameter or the Bobber Pro are excellent dowsing rods for measuring energy fields and auras.

L-Rod, D-Rod (Cosmos), C-Rod (Diagnostic) comparison.
Comparing the L-Rod, D-Rod (Cosmos) and C-Rod (Diagnostic) dowsing rods.













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