Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The charming Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum is a small, round or sphere-shaped pendulum with a Witness Chamber.

The Atma symbolizes perfection, symmetry, and harmony.



Atma Brass  Dowsing Pendulum

with Witness Chamber

Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum with Witness Chamber
This small pendulum symbolizes harmony, balance and unity.

The charming Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum is a small round or sphere-shaped pendulum with a Witness Chamber.

The Atma or “soul” pendulum embodies the perfection of the circle, completion of cycles, the spinning of stars, planets and atoms, the essence of the soul.

Your Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum

This pendulum is similar in shape to the Abbe Mermet and Nova brass pendulums, but is slightly smaller and lighter. Like the Mermet pendulum, the Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum has a Witness Chamber.

The advantage of using a pendulum with a Witness Chamber is the ability to tune the pendulum to individual vibrations depending on the sample or substance placed within the chamber. For example, in healing work, you can place an herb and then broadcast the energetic vibration to a receiver such as a client, whether locally or at a distance.


If all things are energy, with a specific frequency and vibration, then resonance is a natural phenomenon that occurs when there is a match. For example, acoustical resonance occurs when a musical note of a certain pitch is played or sung causes a violin or piano to vibrate in another room. What’s notable, using music as an example, is weak vibrations, through resonance can increase the loudness of the sound. Similarly, the pendulum can amplify through resonance the vibration of the “witness” to a matching “receiver.”

Use the Witness Chamber to Locate or Broadcast

Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum with Witness Chamber Revealed
Atma Brass Pendulum revealing Witness Chamber.

You can also place a “witness” in the chamber to locate items or substances. The additional option of having a Witness Chamber increases a pendulum’s versatility and usefulness.

Unscrew the top of the Atma pendulum and place the sample inside.

The Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum is sensitive to various radiations in the environment and responds with clear signals when you’re asking questions and seeking information.

Size and Weight

  • Atma Brass Dowsing Pendulum: 2.0 cm / 29.0 gm (0.79″ / 1.02 oz.)

Similar Round Pendulums

Nova - Mermet - Atma Brass Pendulum Comparison
Comparing the Nova, Abbe Mermet and Atma Brass Pendulums.

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Additional information

Weight .029 kg
Dimensions 2.0 cm


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