Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum is a contemporary style pendulum combining the shape of the Abbe Mermet brass pendulum but adds the radial discs found in the Isis Egyptian style pendulums.



Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum

Nova Hybrid Brass Pendulum
The Nova pendulum combines attributes from the Mermet and Isis pendulums.

The Nova Brass Pendulum is a modern variation on the Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum but includes the Egyptian Isis Brass Pendulum’s radial antennae. As such, these modifications enhance the pendulum’s receiving and broadcasting attributes.

This is an excellent all-purpose pendulum with a contemporary look.

Your Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum design is similar to the Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum. Its gentle concave head shelters 4 radial bands acting as antennae, increasing the pendulum’s capacity for mental projection and reception. The bottom portion of this pendulum softly comes to a round point but not as abrupt as found on the Mermet brass pendulum.

The Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum is smaller and lighter than the Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum, nor does it have a Witness Chamber. Being more lightweight though, this pendulum is quicker in its action and responsiveness.

A Modern Adaptation of a Classic Pendulum

There are many styles of pendulums. While they essentially work the same way, their design and shapes will create differences in their operation and intended function.

There are pendulums that have a Witness Chamber in them. This allows them to perform specific and enhanced dowsing endeavors. For example, if we place gold in the chamber, the pendulum will specifically “seek” gold. This happens because the gold sample vibrations seek / attract the larger gold in the environment. In other words, we’re tuning the pendulum for a specific purpose.

Selecting the Right Pendulum

Naturally, with such a wide variety of pendulums available, you have the chance to find the pendulum that’s just right for you. There are no right or wrong choices when choosing a pendulum. Consider personal preferences or the task that needs to be performed. Sometimes, this is why a particular pendulum seems to work better than another. If your pendulum isn’t responding the way you like, choosing a different pendulum may give better results. It’s not uncommon for a dowser to own several pendulums.

The Nova Brass Dowsing Pendulum is a splendid choice. It combines the traits of the famous Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum with the radial antennae from the Isis Brass Pendulum. This fresh take on two classic style pendulums, with its lightweight feel and quick responsiveness, makes this hybrid pendulum a popular dowsing tool.

Nova - Mermet - Atma Brass Pendulum Comparison
Comparing the Nova, Abbe Mermet and Atma Brass Pendulums.

Size and Weight

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Additional information

Weight .031 kg
Dimensions 2.5 cm


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