Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum

The Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum is a variation of the Mermet brass pendulum originally designed by Abbe Mermet, who many consider a pioneer in Radiesthesia or dowsing.





Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum

with Witness Chamber

The Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum is a variation on the Mermet pendulum, designed by one of Europe’s most respected dowsers, Abbe Mermet. The Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum has an Old World charm and is one of the most accurate tools for all dowsing tasks.

Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber
The Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum was designed by Abbe Mermet

Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber

The elongated form of this pendulum increases its utility and versatility for many dowsing assignments. Also, due to its deep Witness Chamber, this is a perfect pendulum for advanced dowsing tasks like healing, searching for items, and lost objects.

Its efficient performance, along with a proven history behind it and a beautiful design, established the Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum as one of the favorite selections by skilled dowsers worldwide.

Father Abbe Mermet (1866–1937)

Father Abbe Mermet was a priest from Switzerland and one of the most historically recognized dowsers who popularized the Mermet and Doppelmermet pendulums.

Abbe Mermet using a pendulum
Photo: K. Egli, “Abbé Mermet using a pendulum to locate a missing person.” (1936)

In his seminal book Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia, Mermet shares his observations and comments of 40 years of research on dowsing (also known as Radiesthesia) for water, mineral prospecting, and diagnosing disease, as well as some advice on how to use a pendulum.

With his dowsing work, Mermet popularized the use of the witness chamber by drilling a hole inside the pendulum and placing herbs in the cavity. With this, he proved the materials placed inside the pendulum emit a vibration or radiation field that increases the pendulum’s sensitivity to other emanations in the environment.

He also brought proof that supported the fact that these “vibrations” transmit to other people. The bulk of his work, written in French, is the framework of modern-day European School of Dowsing. With his work, Mermet established dowsing as a respectable science.

Your Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum

Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber
Unscrew the cap to reveal the Witness Chamber

The Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum is beautifully designed with a removable cap revealing a deep inner cavity also known as a “Witness Chamber.”

An item is placed in the Witness Chamber to tune the pendulum vibrationally to an object of interest. For example, if you’re searching for gold, placing a piece of gold into the witness chamber helps to synch for the larger mass of gold.

If you want to do healing work, you can place an herb or supplement into the Doppelmermet Brass Pendulum Witness Chamber and mentally transmit the energetic signature of the item to a receiver.

Science Vs Spiritual Science

To those of a scientific disposition, this may sound impossible, but for those who understand, all things are energy and all things vibrate. Such ideas and actions are the basis for many deeds unexplainable by pure scientific reasoning. I’ve always found that both science and metaphysics are not separate but just graduations of the One Truth. Therefore, for any action, there is a law and order to it. Lacking the ability to understand it or the language to describe it doesn’t mean such an act is impossible.

For those that dowse, and with a willingness to keep an open mind, new and old truths are revealed.

What is the Purpose of the Bead on the Cord?

The Adjustable Bean on Pendulum Cord
To improve dowsing action, slide the bead up or down the cord.

I often receive the question, “Does the bead on the pendulum cord serve a purpose, or is it only decorative?”

The bead is not decorative. You may find that you have a favorite place where you like to hold the string. Instead of trying to locate it anew on each use, move the bead to a location on the string, much like a bookmark. This gives a quick visual clue and makes using your pendulum easier.

The length of the string and where you hold it affects the “action” of the pendulum. For example, if you want the pendulum to respond quickly, adjust the bead by moving it towards the pendulum. When holding your hand closer to the pendulum, i.e., shortening the string, the pendulum will respond quickly. If you want a slower response with larger swings or circles, then move the bead upwards towards the end of the cord.

Certain dowsing tasks may require you to adjust your lead on the string, and the bead helps make your dowsing session easier.


Size and Weight

4.5 cm / 29.0 gm – (1.77″ / 1.02 oz.)

Alternative Pendulum: Doppelmermet Beech Wood pendulum.

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Additional information

Weight .029 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm

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