Pendulum Pouch Large

The Pendulum Pouch Large will hold larger pendulums and several small gemstones or lucky items.

Made from durable leather with a snap fastener, this is one of the best pendulum pouches on the market.



Pendulum Pouch Large

This premium quality leather pendulum pouch large will outlast fabric pouches and last years without need for replacement.

Large Leather Pendulum Pouch
Use this professional leather pouch to protect your pendulums.

This premium leather pendulum pouch large is perfect for large-sized pendulums, wood pendulums, or several pendulums at once. Or use it to hold a variety of small crystals, gemstones, runes or other lucky items.

Though most of the large pouches I sell are black, from time to time, I might have some in different colors.

This Leather Pendulum Pouch Large Out-Performs the Rest

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to try out and use a variety of pendulum pouches. Some of them made from fabric, faux leather, velvet or felt. Others used draw-strings, Velcro, or snaps for opening and closing the pouch. However, they all had deficiencies when used in real-life situations. After being used for some time, these pouches I tried wore out, broke, or did not close properly. This caused dirt and lint to find its way inside the pouch. On the other hand, my pendulums and items escaped easily from the pouch. The pendulum cords or chain tangled, knotting up and taking time to untangle.

After a long search, I finally came across the small and large leather pendulum pouches that I sell on my site. The large leather pendulum pouch sits comfortably in my pocket and still looks new, even after some years of use. More importantly, this pouch has leaked none of its contents into my pocket.

My large leather pouch holds several small pendulums or two large-sized pendulums, along with some small gemstones and talismans given to me by fellow dowsers.

Now you can carry your pendulums safely in your pocket or purse with this high-quality pendulum pouch. No more frustrating time wasted cleaning lint and dust off your favorite pendulum or untangling cords and chains.

This premium quality large leather pouch large is ideal to hold large pendulums, such as the large brass Karnak, Mer-Isis, Super Isis pendulums, Wood pendulums, crystals, runes or other lucky items.

Large Leather Pendulum Pouch with Pendulums
Showcasing the Large Pendulum Pouch.

With a snap closure, your items will stay put and will not fall out.

Size and Weight

Large: Height 7.5 cm x Width 5.5 cm / 13.0 gm
Small: Height 2.95″ x Width 2.17″ / 0.46 oz

Leather Pendulum Pouch, Small
Premium Small Leather Pendulum Pouch.

I also sell a smaller pendulum pouch, great for small to medium-sized pendulums. Small Pendulum Pouch.






What is a Pendulum?

A Pendulum is a weighted object on a string or chain often used either to reveal answers to inquiries posed by the user or as a tool to assist in healing assignments.

It’s not necessary to own a pendulum to ask questions or get answers, nor is a pendulum necessary to heal others. But for many it is a helpful tool in facilitating such actions.

Many people erroneously think pendulums have an innate power of their own and act freely, but it’s best to consider the pendulum is directed by an outside force, generally in accordance by the mental programing created by the user or dowser.

Pendulums come in several forms such as brass, wood or crystal. However, any weighted object can fulfill this purpose, therefore selecting a pendulum is a personal choice.

Any personal object can be mentally imprinted, and a favorite pendulum is something you want to protect. Therefore, using a quality pendulum pouch is a useful accessory to help maintain the life of your dowsing tool.

Additional information

Weight .013 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 7.5 cm


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