ADR EMF Shield

The ADR EMF Shield is a protective ceramic disc designed to reduce symptoms from exposure to electromagnetic (EMF), microwave, geopathic and other negative fields in the surrounding environment.

Based on patented ADR Technology, this device helps reduce symptoms caused by radiating electronics in the home and office.

Suggested for Home / Office placement.



ADR EMF Shield Protection for Home & Office

The ADR EMF Shield serves as a device to decrease or eliminate the harmful effect of the electrical component of local low frequency electromagnetic (EMF) fields.

The ADR EMF Shield decreases local low level EMF fields
Harmonize your home and workspace with the ADR EMF Shield

It works very well on reducing the effect of electric fields of alternating electromagnetic fields with a wide range of frequencies, including the most common 50 and 60 Hz.

Placing the ADR Shield directly above an alternating field source will give the best results. The same is equally true if you place the ADR Shield over geopathic sources, like water veins running beneath the home or office.

Sources of Alternating Electromagnetic Fields

Until the 20th century, natural phenomena like electric storms, movement of tectonic faults and underground water veins were the prime causes of low frequency electromagnetic fields.

The only negative effects from the low frequency fields generated during atmospheric storms were the rapid decay of certain foods, like meat and milk.

ADR Shield - Home Electronic Frequencies Diagram.
The ADR Shield reduces effects from electronic smog.

However, during the last century, rapid technological development predominantly in the area of electromagnetic and electronic devices has increased the levels of electromagnetic pollution in our environment. This “electromagnetic smog,” is constantly increasing and poses a danger to the quality of our lives.

Graph: EMF strength increase over time
Relative Increase in EMFs from 1879-2019

Today, man-made alternating electromagnetic fields, especially in cities, are over 100,000 times higher than the Earth’s own natural field.

The ADR EMF Shield strongly absorbs low frequency electric fields. The ADR Shield’s ability to absorb these low frequency fields helps reduce symptoms that effect plants, animals, and humans within its range of effectiveness.

By placing ADR EMF Shields properly in our environment, including apartments, homes, offices and other structures, we harmonize the surrounding energy.

Using the ADR EMF Shield

The ADR EMF Shield provides a general coverage of 1,100 sq. feet.

Since EMF and geopathic fields are horizontal and vertical, placing an ADR EMF Shield on each floor of the home will improve its benefits.

Use the ADR Shield anywhere there are strong electrical fields.
Place the ADR Shield anywhere there are strong electrical fields.

Place ADR EMF Shields in areas where there is strong electrical activity. Place one over the fuse box, over the wires of computer electronics, audio and other strong emitting electronic devices.

Placing the ADR EMF Shield in the bedroom is useful so as to allow for a natural and undisturbed sleep because of electronics in the bedroom.

The ADR Shield is simple to use. Just place the disc under the bed, or on top of an electrical nest or power box, or in the closet. For those that are correcting geopathic zones outdoors, the discs may be buried in the desired location. Often discs will be placed into the foundation of a new home construction.

Once fruits and vegetables are picked, it continues to lose vital enzymes, vitamins and life-force. To keep food fresh longer, minimizing loss of nutrients, place an ADR Shield in the refrigeration.

IMPORTANT! The ADR EMF Shield should be placed with the embossed side upwards.

The ADR EMF Shield is maintenance free. It requires no power supply, doesn’t need recharging, and has no negative side-effects.

It is also recommended to use the ADR EMF Shield in conjunction with the ADR Protect. Whereas the ADR EMF Shield works in the environment of your home and office, the ADR Protect gives added personal protection. Many people with extreme EMF sensitivity have found this combination to be effective for reducing or eliminating electro-stress.

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Size and Weight

2 5/8″ (72 mm)

72 gm

Additional information

Weight .072 kg
Dimensions 7.0 × 7.0 cm


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