Atlantis Pendant for Protection

The Atlantis Pendant for protection was found in the second half of the 19th century in the Valley of Kings in Egypt. The original pendant is several thousand years old, and many people believe it was originally from Atlantis.

In Egypt, two other objects were found, the Cross-of Atlantis and the Cross of the Nile, also known as the Ankh. Both the Atlantis Pendant and Ring use exactly the same symbol and pattern. The first is in a flat form, and the second as an open ring.

Made of sterling Silver 925.



Atlantis Pendant for Protection and Good Fortune

The Atlantis Pendant for protection is a popular amulet that brings protection and good luck to the person who wears it.

Atlantis Pendant
Atlantis Pendant creates a beneficial protective field.

What is the Atlantis Pendant for Protection?

The Atlantis Pendant, Ring and Cross brings luck, health protection, good fortune and happiness to those who wear it.

The Atlantis Pendant serves as a protective shield from negative and harmful energy. Some experts claim the engraved symbol is helpful in developing telepathic abilities.

The pendant was discovered at the end of the 19th century by Marquis d’Argain, a French Egyptologist. The powerful symbol and shape dates back to the beginning of the Atlantis civilization, later inherited by the Egyptians. It’s claimed that all Egyptian knowledge came originally from Atlantis.

The Atlantis pendant is based on the Atlantean bar first invented by Andre de Belizal. Belizal called the geometry found on the Atlantis ring the “Wave Form of Luxor.”  After carefully studying the geometry of the Atlantis ring, Belizal created the pendant which he named the “Harmonizer of Luxor” used to protect places such as the home or the office. This pendant has the same shape as the ring, in a rectangular form.

Andre de Belizal

Andre de Beliza
Andre de Beliza: Photo Credit: Leonardo Olazabal Amaral.

André de Belizal, a radiesthesist, later inherited the ring. He was a respected expert in the science of Radiesthesia, that uses the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about objects of animate or inanimate nature. By using specially calibrated instruments to decode this information, the radiesthesist establishes resonance with the energy field of a person, an object or a location.

The Atlantis ring for protection is engraved with symbols placed according to a precise geometric arrangement.

De Belizal investigated and discovered that this ring’s geometric shapes created a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations. He found that its electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of energy patterns, resulting in a protective shield for whoever wore it. It also increased the ability to tap into one’s own intuitive powers and the subconscious mind.

He also claimed the ring propagates a protective field for the owner and well as for its surroundings. He discovered that when the pattern is redrawn on a sheet of paper and hung on the wall of the house, electromagnetic and geopathic harmful radiation is highly reduced.

De Belizal’s comments about the Atlantis ring for protection are detailed in Roger de Lafforest’s book “Ces Maisons Qui Tuent” (Houses that Kill). The book describes diverse locations and events that negatively affected people’s energy in a detrimental way. The book suggests tools and special devices effective in the protection and transmutation of these harmful frequencies.

Atlantis Pendant creates a protective sphere when worn.
The Atlantis Pendant creates a subtle energy protective vibrational field.

Lafforest recounts the story of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who survived the “curse of the Tutankhamon mummy” whose tomb was discovered in 1922. At the entrance of the tomb, there was an ominous inscription that threatened those who dared to disturb the Pharaoh’s eternal sleep. The first to succumb to the ‘curse’ was Howard Carter’s partner, Lord Carnarvon, who died suddenly soon after the discovery from an inexplicable cause. The list of those touched by similar mysterious deadly fates all within a two-year period includes over 18 names. As the story goes, Howard Carter was the only person unaffected by this deadly chain of events. According to the book, the reason was his protective amulet, the Atlantis ring.

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The Atlantis Pendant is made of Sterling Silver 925.

The Atlantis Ring

The Atlantis Cross

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