Sleep Well Be Healthy

Sleep Well Be Healthy discusses the importance of understanding how Geopathic and Earth radiation affects our health and vitality. This book includes case studies from Kathe Bachler’s, Earth Radiation, the startling discoveries of a dowser where she shows the correlation between health, disease and the effects from EMF / Geopathic radiation around our sleeping and living space.

Written by John Living, this book also includes instructions on how to train your pendulum and dowsing rod. (64 pages).



Sleep Well Be Healthy (Dowsing Instructions and Geopathic Detection)

The Sleep Well Be Healthy Book is similar to John Living’s other book, Your Pendulum. This book contains dowsing instructions but also includes case studies by Kathe Bachler on how Geopathic disturbances affect sleep, health and school performance.

Book: Sleep Well Be Healthy
Learn about noxious Earth Energies and their effect on health.

Sleep Well Be Healthy Book

In this book, Living adds studies made by Kathe Bachler, an Austrian author who wrote Earth Radiation, the startling discoveries of a dowser, in which she describes new advances in the causation of cancer, allergies, arthritis, learning difficulties, and many other diseases.

The latter half of Sleep Well Be Healthy includes useful information from Your Pendulum, which gives clear and easy directions on how to work with dowsing rods and pendulums.

Besides EMFs, Geopathic or Earth Energies Affects Health

In our environment, we are constantly exposed to various positive and negative energies. If we spend many hours in one spot, (e.g. the places where you sleep for, 6–8 hours a day) the energies that surround us become paramount to whether we will enjoy vigor, health, and long life or become tired, weak, and sick.

Sleep Well Be Healthy also provides some examples from Kathe Bachler’s research that will help you determine the energetic state of affairs of your home and workspace.

Once you discover if your environmental spaces are health promoting or toxic, you can use tools to correct the situation, either at the personal level or at the environmental level. One of the primary suggestions I give to my students is that they check the “energy” around their sleeping area and any other area where they might spend several hours at a time.

If you want to improve your personal energy in your home or workplace, look at my EMF tools section. I’ve used the ADR line of products for at least fifteen years and I am extremely happy with the results and benefits, not just for myself but for hundreds of other customers.

Geopathic Stress: What is it?

Geopathic radiation stress lines under bed.
Don’t sleep under Geopathic radiation stress lines.

Geopathic stress lines are natural phenomena which produce EMF radiation either vertically or horizontally. These Earth radiations arise from underground streams, mineral concentrations and fault lines. Construction and other man-made alterations often magnify their effects.

EMFs from negative Geopathic zones play a role in our health. Sleep disturbances, immune impairment, heart problems, cancer and other nervous conditions often arise when an individual is exposed to negative Earth radiations.

Sleep Well Be Healthy

John Living writes:

“The noxious earth energies are not visible. But they still have an effect on a person’s body, in a similar way to X-rays similar to how the invisible radio waves affect a radio or television.”

“When a person spends a considerable time in the zones of influence of such energies, their body becomes weakened and more susceptible to illness.”

The recognition and correction of Geopathic disturbances of sleep, health, and school performance was carefully researched by Kathe Bachler of Austria on more than 11,000 people in over 3,000 apartments, houses and workplaces in 14 countries, and described with illustrations in her book “Earth Radiation”. Some of these case histories are included in this book.

Don’t Sleep or Sit Over Radiated Zones

Sleeping or sitting in these zones led to health problems during pregnancy, and other problems including sudden infant death, bed wetting, unwanted behaviour, poor school performance, migraines, depression, encephalitis, heart problems and cancer.

Physicians are trained to help with illness and disease that has manifested in the physical body – often to cure the effects with drugs. Their training does not include eliminating the cause which cannot be seen in the physical dimension, even with electron microscopes – for this an Energy Healer is needed to work on the aura and hidden systems in the non-physical dimensions.

European physicians have found that treatments often become effective only when the influence of such zones is identified and remedial steps taken to avoid such influences.

This book explains how you can use simple, effective and inexpensive methods to improve the health of yourself, your family and your friends.

Recommended Tools to Reduce the Effects of EMF Radiations

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Now that you’ve identified any areas that emanate toxic radiation either from EMF radiation or Geopathic radiation, the next step is to remedy the problem.

For example, if you’re sleeping over a negative radiation zone, moving the bed away is a simple solution. However, it’s not always possible to do so and it may become necessary to use tools to assist.

PendulumsPlus sells a line of EMF protection products that are useful for reducing either symptoms from EMF radiation or block electrical fields. For example, the ADR EMF Shield will reduce the effects, whereas the ADR TEX Mats will block the electrical fields.

Electrical and magnetic fields put stress and alter the natural biological functions of the body. Reducing and eliminating these fields will restore health and vitality.

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