Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum is similar to the Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum but has a teardrop shape compared to the angular form of the Triangle Pendulum.

This is an all-purpose pendulum suitable for dowsers of any level.



Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum has soft curves at the shoulders tapering to a point, recreating the natural shape of drops as in water drops, teardrops, raindrops and dewdrops.

The Teardrop pendulum is suitable for any dowsing task and for all dowsers of any level.

Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum
The Teardrop is a natural organic shape found in nature.

Your Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Teardrop brass pendulum is an excellent, all-round dowsing pendulum. At 2.7 cm and 18 grams, this pendulum is easy to use and performs dowsing tasks without drama. The Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum provides clear feedback and signals, ideal for inquiries and map / chart work.

This pendulum is about a centimeter smaller and 2 grams lighter than its sibling, the Large Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum.

I often receive the question, “What’s the difference between the Triangle pendulum and the Teardrop pendulum?”


Pendulum Shapes and Forms

Pendulums come in many shapes and forms. And a skilled dowser can use any pendulum for almost any dowsing task. If that is the case, does the particular shape or form of the pendulum influence how it performs or its function?

I’m going to suggest that the pendulum always performs according to the dowser’s mental programming. In other words, the pendulum swings or rotates according to the dowser’s intention, yes, no, and maybe.

However, the design or form of the pendulum plays a role in the performance, you could say, capabilities of the pendulum. For example, the design of the Isis pendulum with its solar discs extends the capability of this pendulum to act as a “sending” and “receiving” dowsing tool. It’s not to say you can’t do this with other pendulums, but the design of the Isis pendulum makes this function easier to facilitate.

The Yin and Yang of It

Feminine and masculine imagery is often recognized by shapes. Round shapes symbolize a feminine energy, whereas angular shapes are masculine. This is easily recognizable in architectural buildings with towers and spires representing the masculine and domes and cathedrals representing the feminine.

These shapes provide a framework for the world we live in, but also influence us psychologically in how we perceive the surrounding space. For example, triangles represent success, and squares represent balance and stability.

Triangle and Teardrop Pendulum

Both the Triangle and Teardrop are similar pendulums. The only difference is the Teardrop pendulum has rounded edges, whereas the Triangle pendulum has angular corners. Both pendulums work similarly, but choosing one over the other is often aesthetic or reflects a psychological preference.

Triangle and Teardrop pendulum shape comparison.
Both pendulums are similar, and the shape is a matter of taste.

Following the idea of form, the Triangle pendulum represents a more masculine, intellectual and defined flow as the energy moves from the top of the pendulum to its tip. With the Teardrop pendulum, where the edges are curved, the energy flow is smooth, making people feel calm and relaxed.

Therefore, choosing either the Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum or the Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum is strictly a matter of preference, as their functions are essentially the same.

Using More than One Pendulum

Many dowsers carry more than one pendulum on them. I usually keep two or three different pendulums with me in my pendulum pouch. Why? Because there are many factors that affect a dowsing session. That’s why it’s a good idea to run your “accuracy test” before commencing a dowsing task. If you’re running below 80% it’s probably best to wait until your accuracy percentage is higher.

Dowsing is an energetic exercise. By that I mean it takes energy to dowse. If you’re ill or tired, your ability to dowse is diminished. Further, environmental factors affect dowsing. For example, the weather plays a role, or local geological elements can affect dowsing results.

Whatever the reasons or conditions, you may discover one pendulum isn’t performing to standard form or is giving poor feedback. I’ve found that having a backup pendulum may work where the other failed, and you’re able to complete your dowsing task with reliable information.

The Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum or the Teardrop Brass Dowsing Pendulum are reliable backups I carry with me because of their simple design and function.

The Power of the Dewdrop

Dew on Grass.
The Dewdrop defies gravity before being warmed by the sun.

On this topic, Viktor Schauberger from The Fertile Earth makes an interesting commentary: “Many people must surely have noticed that the air suddenly becomes conspicuously chillier just before the Sun rises. When the first rays of the sun light up the forest glades, the wind shifts, and at once, all forces and energies change direction and different conditions prevail. With the arrival of the Sun, as if by order, the thriving grasses in these clearings begin to weep. Dewdrops stand in their millions like tears right on the very tips of grasses in mockery of the hitherto accepted laws of gravity, for only when the dew-drops become warm and therefore lighter, it is assumed, do the grasses bend towards the ground.”

“If we wade through this dew water, created by levitational and gravitational forces, with our warm and bare feet, we will experience a pleasant tingling sensation which quickly removes all symptoms of fatigue.”

“In reality, these dewdrops are countless sources of power that discharge their organic energies into the air or the body…”

Teardrop and Triangle Brass Pendulum Sizes

Teardrop and Triangle brass pendulums compared.
Size and comparison of the Teardrop and Triangle Brass pendulums.

The Basic Teardrop brass pendulum is slightly smaller than its male counterpart, the Basic Triangle pendulum. Just like the latter, The Basic Teardrop brass pendulum is a dependable multifunction dowsing tool, easy to use and suitable for all levels of dowsers and dowsing tasks.

Right: Large Triangle Brass Pendulum: 3.7 cm / 20.0 gm (1.46″ / 0.71 oz.)
Middle: Small Triangle Brass Pendulum: 2.5 cm / 6.0 gm (0.98″ / 0.21 oz.)
Left: Teardrop Brass Pendulum: 2.7 cm / 18.0 gm (1.06″ / 0.63 oz.)

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Additional information

Weight .018 kg
Dimensions 2.7 cm


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