Spiral Left-Turn Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Spiral Left-Turn Brass Pendulum is also called a “Vortex” pendulum. The Spiral Left-Turn pendulum is an excellent choice for map work, using pendulum charts. pinpointing locations, directions, bodywork, and other dowsing tasks.



Spiral Left-Turn Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Spiral Left-Turn Brass dowsing pendulum spirals downward left. This dowsing pendulum is especially useful when precision is the goal in any dowsing assignment. Another name for the Spiral pendulum is the “Vortex” pendulum because it creates a vortex action that amplifies whatever energy it contacts.

Your Spiral Left-Turn Brass Dowsing Pendulum

Spiral Left-Turn Brass Dowsing Pendulum
The Spiral Left-Turn pendulum is also known as a Vortex pendulum

Because of its spiraling downward action when spinning, this pendulum is a precise tool when pouring over maps, dowsing charts, and blueprints with pinpoint accuracy.

Following the vortex idea, the Spiral Left-Turn Brass Dowsing Pendulum is also an excellent dowsing tool for all inquiries, bodywork, healing, location and seeking assignments.

Chart Dowsing

For many dowsers, using Pendulum charts is an effective method of obtaining answers on specific subjects. Chart dowsing takes practice to master but adds another skill to the dowser’s repertoire.

The chart contains specific statements of reference. Hold the Spiral Left-Turn Dowsing Pendulum over the chart. Ask questions and the pendulum moves over the particular reference, revealing the answer.

There are lots of different charts. For example, you could use a “Vitamin Chart”, “Food Supplement Chart”, “Chakra Chart”, “Automobile Chart”, etc.

The Spiral or “Vortex” pendulum works well on maps and charts.

Pendulum Chart
Nutrition & Food Allergy Chart

An Example Pendulum Chart

This is an example of a Nutrition & Food Allergy Chart taken from Dale Olson’s “The Pendulum Charts”. With this chart, you could use your pendulum to find the answers to questions like:

This body is in need of what food_____?
This body has an excess of what food____?
The body is in need of Alkaline / Acidic foods?
This body has allergic reactions to foods in what group?
To what degree is this reaction___%___
Does this body have an adverse reaction to_____?

Map Dowsing

Another popular dowsing technique is Map Dowsing. The dowser sits down with a map and similar to Chart Dowsing and asks questions in such a manner as to find a specific location.

It takes practice and skill to master this art, but for many, Map Dowsing is an useful tool.

A Short Comment on Map Dowsing

When it comes to map dowsing, not all dowsers agree on its effectiveness.

A simple method of map dowsing is to create a grid on the map. Using a pendulum or rod dowse over each grid square until there’s a “hit”.

Although results may indicate the existence of the object of inquiry as taken from the map dowsing, more often the results aren’t confirmed on the ground.

Spiral Left-Turn Pendulum for Map Dowsing
The Spiral Left-Turn is a capable map and chart pendulum

Expectations Will Affect Results

Preconceived ideas or anything leading to auto-suggestion will contaminate true readings. But there is room to admit some dowsers are more successful “mental” dowsing than others.

George Applegate in his book, The Complete Book of Dowsing comments: “Map dowsing, or surveys of a distant area, I believe to be quite within the power of some dowsers. But I think by its nature, it is likely to be less general in practice and less accurate in result. While its mention as a dowsing practice is apt to put the whole of dowsing into the realm of witchcraft for a great many people.”

The advantage of map dowsing, for those with the ability for it, is it is done in a comfortable setting. Map dowsing is also useful in determining whether an area is suitable for further investigation.


Size and Weight

6.5 cm / 25.0 gm (2.56″ / 0.88 oz.)

Other available brass pendulums.

The UFO Brass Pendulum is also an excellent map and chart pendulum.

Additional information

Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 6.5 cm


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