Therapeutic Harmonic Brass Pendulum

The Therapeutic Harmonic Brass Pendulum is an advanced dowsing pendulum that is useful in healing work, energy detection and correction, and raising the vibration of the inquirer’s mental intention. An all round pendulum capable of any dowsing task.



Therapeutic Harmonic Brass Pendulum

The Therapeutic Harmonic Brass Pendulum is an advanced pendulum working under the gold vibration. This makes this healing pendulum useful for all healing tasks where diagnostic and healing are required.

Therapeutic Harmonic Brass Pendulum
This is an advanced pendulum.

Your Therapeutic Harmonic Brass Pendulum

Use the Therapeutic Brass Pendulum to inquire about health issues, areas of the body that require tuning, and a vibratory touch-up. The Harmonic Brass Pendulum can answer questions, mental inquiries and broadcast.

Some people say because the Therapeutic Harmonic Brass Pendulum vibrates with gold light, it can clear dark and negative energy, clear physical, subtle energy fields and environmental spaces such as the home and office.

You can use this brass pendulum to test food vibration and enhance the life force.

This is a multi-purpose pendulum capable of any dowsing assignment.

Size and Weight

Size: 5.0 cm / 1.96″

Weight: 55 gm / 1.96 oz.

ADR Revitalizer Plate

If you’re interested in improving the energy of your food or water, the ADR-4 Revitalizer is the perfect tool for this.

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate energizes food, water, and any substance containing water molecules.

Poor health & energy is often a result of dead, devitalized, microwaved, and radiated foods. The ADR Revitalizer Plate, through its patented technology, can revitalize food and water by its ability to bring organization at the atomic level.

Place any food or beverage on the ADR Revitalizer Plate for 3 minutes to vitalize.

Retest the food with your pendulum to verify the improved vibratory rate of the food or water.



Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 5.0 cm


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