Your Pendulum

The book Your Pendulum will teach you how to train your pendulum or dowsing rod and develop the confidence to be an accurate dowser.

With your new found dowsing skill, learn how to ask questions and get reliable answers and information.

Written by John Living. 46 pages.



Book: Your Pendulum (Learn How to Dowse)

Book: Your Pendulum. Learn How to Dowse Using a Pendulum or Dowsing Rod by John Living.

Book: Your Pendulum by John Living
Learn to be a successful dowser using this helpful book.

Your Pendulum Book

Don’t know how to dowse? You own a pendulum or dowsing rod, but aren’t sure how to use it? Just starting out and want guidance on how to train your dowsing rod or pendulum? You’ve got some skills, but looking to expand on it?

Find answers to all these questions and more in John Living’s book, Your Pendulum. This book is easy to read, yet informative, making it widely understandable for all levels of dowsers.

This book teaches you how to create a reliable dowsing system, giving you the skills for turning yourself into a confident and capable dowser.

The topics covered in Your Pendulum are:

  • Theory
  • Techniques
  • Signals
  • Using a Bobber
  • Training your Pendulum
  • Asking Questions
  • Counting
  • Pointing
  • Map Dowsing
  • Dowsing for Water
  • Health
  • Chakras and Spinal Systems
  • Home Safety
  • Feng Shui
  • Geopathic Energies And More!

An Excerpt from John’s Book:

Pets and Plants

You can use your pendulum to see if your pet is sick and ask questions to find out what is wrong and how to cure your pet. You can do this to plants as well, asking, “Do you need more water?” or ask which fertilizer and how much.

Most of us are very surprised when we learn that we can tell what animals and plants need. But it is even more amazing when we realize we can tell what we are thinking!

Some years ago, the lie detector specialist Cleve Backster became interested in plants. He decided to test how long it took for water in a plant pot to reach the top leaf in a plant which was dry, so he attached a lie detector to the top leaf.

Cleve Backster using lie detector
Cleve Backster using the lie detector (Photo Credit: Henry Groskinsky / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images)

It amazed Backster to see that the lie detector indicated happiness as soon as it was attached, even though the water had not been added. He then wondered if the plant would give an unhappy signal if he set the leaf on fire – and was astounded that the plant gave that unhappy signal as soon as he had the thought! This experiment was well publicized, both in books and on television at that time.

The implication of this is that plants (and it follows also animals) can feel and can think. I believe that they express can also express love – animals most certainly do.

Humans Think About the Future

In my thinking, the main ability that humans have over animals is humans think about the future. We seem to be the only known life forms on earth that have this ability. But this does not mean that we should not respect all life forms, just because we one better attribute. Birds can fly – do they look down on us?

Try cutting a leaf in two, getting a friend to hide half, and then doswing it – holding the other half in your hand. You will find that the two halves seek each other! Remember to ask permisssion of the leaf first, to show respect.

Bonding with Your Pendulum

You should be in a state of prayer when using your pendulum. This means being really sincere and honest, concentrating on what you are saying and thinking – and thinking only good thoughts. Ask in your mind that you – and your Chakras and Auras – be balanced, and check if this is so by dowsing.

You may also find that taking a ‘Pranic Breath’ helps your dowsing. Place your conscious awareness at the top of your nose between your eyes. Breathe deeply, feeling the breath with your conscious awareness; exhale, moving your conscious awareness straight back into your head. You may feel yourself expand and ‘mind chatter’ will usually lessen.

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